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Introduced:  From Darkness, Light Updated:  Dead of Winter, Learning From Experience, Blood From Stone, Hidden In Shadows, A Rising Darkness

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Introduced in the 11th anniversary update, Olthoi Play is a system designed to allow players to jump right into the higher level Player vs. Player action without the need to spend vast amounts of time leveling and collecting gear. The downside is that Olthoi Play is highly restricted.

To take part in Olthoi Play, you must create a new character and select one of the two Olthoi Breeds. Olthoi Soldiers are melees that attack with piercing damage, and Olthoi Spitters are mages that attack with acid damage.

Rules and Restrictions


  • Olthoi are permanently set to Player Killer (red) status, regardless of server.
  • Olthoi cannot listen to any regular chat channels. Instead, all Olthoi are in the Olthoi channel, usable with the /o command. Olthoi can hear other olthoi in open chat (/say), however they cannot hear nor be heard by humans.
  • If your account is not at least 15 days old, which is determined by the oldest character on the server you have chosen, you will be restricted to the Olthoi Island.
  • Most Commands do not work for Olthoi.
  • No matter where an Olthoi logs out at, when they log back in they will be back on the Olthoi Island by the Olthoi Queen.
  • Olthoi use a special currency, Pitted Slag, to buy supplies and upgrades. They earn pitted slag from killing players and creatures.
    • Each time a player is killed he is less likely to drop pitted slag. This chance goes back up with time.
    • Players don't drop slag if they have vitae.
    • Only players over level 150+ (estimated) will drop slag.
  • Olthoi drop top tier loot when they die, but not if they have vitae.
  • Players cannot go to Olthoi Island if they have Vitae.

Character Statistics

  • Olthoi start at level 180 with preset attributes and skills. For full listings of these stats, see below.
  • Olthoi cannot gain experience, and will therefore always be level 180 and always have the same attributes and skills.



Olthoi Breeds

For more information on the two types of playable Olthoi, including stats and tactics, see:

Available Commands

  • /lifestone, /ls - returns you to the Olthoi Queen.
  • /pkarena
  • /olthoi, /o - sends messages in the Olthoi Channel.
  • /tell, /t - Can be used to send messages to other olthoi, but messages to and from non-olthoi will not display


Lore & Dialog

The Olthoi appear to be from a completely new queen. All other Olthoi are hostile to Olthoi Players. Where this queen came from and why she has appeared has not yet been revealed.

Message in login if not at the Queen

You have returned to the Olthoi Queen to serve the hive.

Using an Acid Pit

Drop unwanted items into the acid pit to destroy them.

Attempting to enter restricted portal (e.g. Town Network)

Olthoi may not pass through this portal!

Attempting to enter portal with vitae:

You may not pass through this portal while Vitae weakens you!

Attempting to create a fellowship

As a mindless engine of destruction an Olthoi cannot join a fellowship!

Attempting to swear allegiance

The Olthoi only have an allegiance to the Olthoi Queen!

Attempting to recruit an olthoi into a fellowship

The Olthoi's hunger for destruction is too great to understand a request for fellowship.

Attempting to swear allegiance to an olthoi

The Olthoi have loyalty only to their Olthoi Queen!

Player receiving messages from Olthoi

<Olthoi> calls out searching for other Olthoi.
<Olthoi> casts about looking for victims.
<Olthoi> clicks its pincers together in anticipation of destruction.
<Olthoi> cries out to indicate to its kin that prey is near.
<Olthoi> hisses some kind of threat.
<Olthoi> lets out a maddening series of clicks and hisses.
<Olthoi> prepares to hunt enemies of the queen.
<Olthoi> screeches in a horrible fashion.
<Olthoi> surveys the area as acid drips from its mandibles.

Olthoi recieving messages from Player

<Player Name> calls out for help and prepares to fight you.
<Player Name> cowers in fear.
<Player Name> gestures a challenge to you.
<Player Name> lets out a battle cry as a challenge.
<Player Name> regards you warily.
<Player Name> seems startled to see Olthoi.
<Player Name> surveys the area with weapons at the ready.

Update History

From Darkness, Light

Dead of Winter

  • Olthoi Soldiers running speed has been slightly decreased.
  • Olthoi now take slightly less spell damage than before.
  • The drop rate of Olthoi Slag has been increased on PvP kills.
  • All Olthoi corpses will now decay in 15 minutes.
  • The prices for purchasing Slag items on Olthoi vendors has been reduced.

Learning From Experience

  • Olthoi speed has been slightly adjusted.
  • Olthoi drop tokens which can be turned in once a week for rewards. The NPC is located in the human village on Olthoi Island

Blood From Stone

  • A New Olthoi healing kit has been added, novelty bandages not included.
  • The two Olthoi Matrons are now easily distinguishable for Soldiers and Spitters.
  • Double the effectiveness of Olthoi critical damage & Olthoi critical damage reduction "armor" buffs.
  • Tweaked some Olthoi Soldier animations which include fixing a clipping issue during Olthoi Soldier emote animations and an issue with small incremental movements while in combat stance mode were retracted.
  • Abdomen armor pieces for the Olthoi Damage Reduction set have been fixed to apply the correct set spell.
  • Kaneth al-Evv will now exchange tokens for exactly 50 Mutated Olthoi Glands.

Hidden In Shadows

  • Olthoi Soldiers no longer play an animation twice while eating or drinking.
  • Fixed the following olthoi spitter animations: side step speed discrepancy which affects slide-casting, fixed the backstep movement at the end of all forward motions while in combat, new combat mode change animation.

A Rising Darkness

  • Improved Olthoi melee sticky combat.