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Introduced in the The Slumbering Giant event, the Marketplace is the main point of commerce in the world of Dereth. Players come here to trade, buy goods from the marketplace bots in the vendor stalls and sometimes hold auctions.

MMD Trade Notes are regularly used as the exchange medium for trade bots at the Marketplace.

Getting to the Marketplace

Type @marketplace, @mp or use the portal in the south hall of the Town Network.

Marketplace Events

Occassionly creatures and lore characters are spawned in the marketplace as part of a live event, even Lord Asheron has even been known to make an appearance.

Wings of the Marketplace

Each of the four wings of the marketplace has a number of stalls where players can sell their wares. Trade bots should not be placed in the main foyer.

North East Room


This room is used for Portal Bots.

North West Room


The NW room is for Tinkering bots.

South Rooms


These are the main trading rooms where many Trade Bots are usually found.

Correct usage of the rooms

Although players are free to use any of the four outlying rooms, players should use the vendor stalls and not set up their bots in the main room of the marketplace or in the corridors. Players offering buffs or tinkers can use the vendor stalls and the second floors in the outlying rooms. This is intended to improve Marketplace visual performance for all players.

Envoys have the authority to move players that do not follow the marketplace guidelines.<ref>2004/04 A New Threat - Letter to the Players (Envoy Policy Changes)</ref>


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Leafetide Changes


NPC Name Location Type Details
Infinite Leaftide Buffer Center room - 15.7S, 100.9W Buffer Buffs the player when used
Weapon Exchanger Center room - 15.7S, 100.9W NPC Exchanges weapons
Infinite Leaftide Customs NE room - 15.7S, 100.8W Vendor Sells Salvage and a portal gem
Marid NE room - 15.7S, 100.7W Vendor Sells items for Stipends
Monroe NE room - 15.7S, 100.7W NPC Gives Stipends
Mule Boost Crystal SE room - 15.8S, 100.8W NPC Makes you a mule with 5000 strength