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Main article: Currency

The basic unit of currency in Dereth is the Pyreal. Most players prefer to use Trade Notes to save pack space. Trade notes range in denominations of 100 pyreals (I note) to 250,000 pyreals (MMD note). The MMD note is the standard currency when trading with other players and using Trade Bots.

Many Quests reward MMD notes. See MMD Quests for a list.

Trade Currencies

See also: Currency#Trade Currencies

Many forms of trade currency have come and gone as the economy (and Loot system) changes. Most of the trade currencies past and present have been treasure chest keys.

Alternative Currencies

See also: Currency#Alternative Currencies

In addition to pyreals, trade notes and trade currencies, a number of different alternate currencies have been added since the Mhoire Coin was introduced in 2007. Dropped as Trophies or obtained as rewards from many high level Quests, alt. currency is used to purchase many useful, and tradeable, items from alt currency vendors.

Alternate currency itself, however, cannot be traded.

Non-player character vendors

Main article: NPCs

NPC vendors are found all over Dereth; there are Jewelers, Weaponsmiths, Armorers, Tailors, Healers and many more. Most vendors, especially in towns, can be distinguished by their Apron.

In addition to their wares, most vendors sell the common denominations of Trade Notes. Each note has a 15% mark-up price but can be cashed free of charge.

Vendor window with an Aluvian blacksmith's inventory.

Vendor rates

Main article: Buy and Sell Rates

All vendors vary in their buy and sell rates. The rates are in percentages and represent the markup they sell goods for over the item's face value. They also pay some fraction of the face value when you sell items to them.

Player character vendors

Secure Trade

Secure Trade allows players to exchange items in a fair and organized manner without fear of theft. Trades can be initiated by double clicking a player or by dragging items to another player when the "Drag Item to Player Opens Trades" option has been enabled.

For further information, see: Details of Secure Trade

The Marketplace

Main article: Marketplace

Trade bots

See also: Buff Bot, Portal Bot, Combat Macro, Plugins

Trade bots are automated player characters run by Decal scripting programs that allow them to sell their wares to other players via the Secure Trade panel. Trade Bots are most commonly found in the Marketplace. On Darktide, where tradebots would be killed if they operated in the marketplace, they instead operate safely from behind their housing barrier.

The trade channel

The global Trade chat channel is for advertising your items and arranging in-game trades with other players.

For further information on chat channels, see: Chat Interface


Tradeskills, also known as crafting skills, are used to create items of wealth and worth for sale and trade in the world of Asheron’s Call. Trade skills are essential aspects of most quests in Asheron’s Call. Adventuring parties and allegiances in Asheron’s call usually have many people skilled in tradeskills to call upon.


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