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Wiki related help articles. For game help, see Category:Getting Started.

See also: Category:Help for a complete list of help related entries. If you would like to see a help page created for an unlisted topic, please post here.

General Help

  • How To Edit Pages - Brief overview of how to edit wiki entries.
  • Page Templates - Premade page code to format your pages in the ACCwiki style.
  • Naming Conventions - Please read! How to choose the name for a new page or image.
  • List of Categories - Complete list of categories and sub-categories.
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions, both game issues and wiki related.
  • Wiki Markup Reference - Comprehensive reference of the wiki code used to modify the appearance of text and pages.
  • Wiki Templates - Special templates that provide standard formatting for areas within a page. Geared towards items that are repeated across many pages.
  • Wiki Swiss Tool - A downloadable utility designed just for ACC Wiki that assists in cropping images, saving icons, formatting wiki pages, and storing text/images in an expanded clipboard.

External Sites:

  • MediaWiki Users - Collaborative knowledgebase for users, administrators and developers of MediaWiki software.
  • - Official documentation, discussion and development of the MediaWiki software.
  • MediaWiki Handbook - List of guides and single-topic help files for the MediaWiki software compiled at

Specific Help