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Standard Linking

To create links to another page one simply has to add the following code to the page:

[[Page Name]]

Where the Page Name is whatever the specific search term you're looking to define.

Another useful process that is slightly more advanced is creating links with a different name than the actual path. (i.e: you want to link to the "How to make links" page but you dont want the text itself to show up as How_to_make_links).

To accomplish the above, and link to this page without using the actual path as the text for the link itself we would write the following code:

[[Page Name|Alternate link text]]

The above code would still link to the page but would now appears as "Alternate link text" with a link to this page instead of the rather unsightly actual path.

Using this method you can create links to various pages within the wiki and still make it look clean and less like actual code, this helps keep the wiki pretty and less confusing and cumbersome to casual users.

Wiki also handles pluralized links intelligently. For instance, a link called


displays as the link (Pyreals) even though the page name is still just Pyreal.

Section Linking

You can link to a specific section of a page in a couple ways. If linking from another page you can link to a section heading by adding the section name to the page name, separated by a #. For example [[Armoredillo#Stats]] would take you to the stats section on the Armoredillo page. When linking to a section on the same page, don't include the page name. For example on this page, [[#Interwiki Linking]] would take you to that section on this page.

If for some reason you need to link to a specific location on a page that isn't the start of a section, you can add a special tag that won't be displayed but serves as an anchor you can link to. The name you use can be anything, but whatever it is, that is what you will use when linking to it. Otherwise the link is the same as described above ([[Page#Name]]).

<p id="name"></p>

Interwiki Linking

Interwiki linking is a means of linking to articles on certain other mediawiki wikis. No external link arrow graphic will be displayed as is normally the case for external URLs.

Several Wikimedia-Projects (and others) are ready for interwiki linking. The following are some examples of interwiki prefixes which are available by default:

prefix destination URL usage example actual link
commons [[commons:MediaWiki|Mediawiki Commons]] Mediawiki Commons
mediazilla [[mediazilla:1209|Mediazilla]] Mediazilla
mediawikiwiki [[mediawikiwiki:Help:Contents|Mediawiki Help]] Mediawiki Help
wikibooks [[wikibooks:Main Page|Wikibooks]] Wikibooks
wikimedia [[wikimedia:Main Page|Wikimedia]] Wikimedia
wikinews [[wikinews:Main Page|Wikinews]] Wikinews
wikiquote [[wikiquote:Main Page|Wikiquote]] Wikiquote
wikisource [[wikisource:Main Page|Wikisource]] Wikisource
wikispecies [[wikispecies:Main Page|Wikispecies]] Wikispecies
wiktionary [[wiktionary:Main Page|Wictionary]] Wictionary
wikipedia [[wikipedia:Main Page|Wikipedia]] Wikipedia