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Tinkering allow you to modify the attributes of items and imbue them with special properties using base materials that have been extracted from items using an Ust. Extracted materals are placed into bags of Salvage and can be applied to an item directly.

Tinkering skills replaced the item Appraisal Skills in the Repercussions event.





See Also

Video Guide on Tinkering (How It Works)


Update History


  • Item unattunement added as a special tink (no skill required).
  • Mana conversion +1% tink added to Magic Item Tinkering.
  • Max. mana charge tink added to Item Tinkering.

A Swelling Tide

  • Resistance rending imbues added to Weapon Tinkering.
  • Jewelry cantrip Imbues added to Magic Item Tinkering.
  • Armor defense Imbues added to Armor Tinkering.
  • Ability to alter an item activation requirements added to Item Tinkering.

Mired Hearts

  • Unique backgrounds added for imbued weapon icons.

Master of Arms