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Main article: Alchemy

Introduced in Beta, Alchemy allows you grind gems and stones in powders, create health and mana potions, and create oils to enhance fletching and cooking.

Alchemy has had a long history in playing a role in quests, including the crafting of Atlan Weapons and Isparian Arms.

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Main article: Cooking

Introduced in Beta, Cooking allows you to create a variety of foods which restore Stamina, and to apply special alchemy oils to certain foods to enhance their restorative properties and grant them the ability to restore Health and Mana.

Cooking was often updated with new recipes in the earlier years of the game, including chocolate foods, mint foods, and ice cream.

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Main article: Fletching

Introduced in Beta, Fletching allows you to craft Ammunition to use with Bows, Crossbows, and Atlatls, and to apply special alchemy oils to arrow heads to grant them elemental damage and increase their damage.

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Main article: Lockpicking

Originally lockpicking was used only for unlocking doors and chests. However it has since been elevated to a crafting skill as well.

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Main article: Tinkering

Introduced in Repercussions, the four tinkering skills allow you to modify the attributes of items and imbue them with special properties.

  • First introduced in Gears of Change, Gearcrafting was later integrated with Item Tinkering. Gearcrafting allows you to augment trinkets with unique spells and craft special objects which give new abilities to Leadership, Loyalty, Deception, and Assess Creature.

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Main article: Salvaging

Introduced in All That They Survey and free to all characters, Salvaging skill has the ability to obtain more units than one could obtain by salvaging with a tinkering skill.

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