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Introduced:  Twilight's Gleaming Related Quests:  Little Green Seeds Updated:  See Notes

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Most loot armor and clothing (and some quest items that have the special property Dyeable) can be dyed various colors by using cooking skill to apply a prepared dye pot.
For the effects of applying dye to loot-generated armor, see the different types of Armor.

The process of creating a dye pot requires alchemy skill. Dye plants spawn randomly on the landscape (the plant links below have spawn maps) or are grown by a Herbalist (Terese). If you give her Little Green Seeds she will give you a plant in return (Thanamin for Tusker seeds and different colors for seeds dropped by various types of Shreth).

  • If you would like to add dyed variations of quest armor and clothing to your page, the Template:Dyed Variations might be of use.

Crafting Steps

  1. Crush the dye plant using a Mortar and Pestle. Difficulty: 150 Alchemy = 50% chance of success.
    • Mortar and Pestle Icon.png + Argenory Plant Icon.png = Crushed Argenory Plant Icon.png
    You crush the plant.
  2. Use a Neutral Balm on the crushed plant to create a vial of dye. Difficulty: 200 Alchemy = 50% chance of success.
    • Neutral Balm Icon.png + Crushed Argenory Plant Icon.png = Vial of Argenory Dye Icon.png
    You brew the dye.
  3. Use the vial of dye with a Cooking Pot to create a dye pot. Difficulty: 200 Cooking = 50% chance of success.
    • Vial of Argenory Dye Icon.png + Cooking Pot Icon.png = Argenory Dye Pot Icon.png
    You boil the dye.
  4. Finally, use the dye pot on the item you wish to dye. Difficulty: 230 Cooking = 50% chance of success.
    • Argenory Dye Pot Icon.png + Undyed Greaves Icon.png = Dyed Greaves Icon.png
    You apply the dye.

Items that can be Dyed

Fail Dyes

It is possible to fail a dye job if your skill isn't high enough. The result can be either a minor failure (color changes to pink for clothing or orange for armor) or a major failure where 20 Armor Value is lost (cannot go below zero). Some people find the fail colors desirable and will purposefully use a low skill chef (cooking must still be trained). The color of plant used doesn't matter.

NOTE: With the addition of Tailoring, it is now possible to safely "fail dye" your armor without the reduction of armor level.

Available Dyes

Plant Crushed Vial Dye pot
Argenory Plant Icon.png Argenory Plant Crushed Argenory Plant Icon.png Crushed Argenory Plant Vial of Argenory Dye Icon.png Vial of Argenory Dye Argenory Dye Pot Icon.png Argenory Dye Pot
Berimphur Plant Icon.png Berimphur Plant Crushed Berimphur Plant Icon.png Crushed Berimphur Plant Vial of Berimphur Dye Icon.png Vial of Berimphur Dye Berimphur Dye Pot Icon.png Berimphur Dye Pot
Colban Plant Icon.png Colban Plant Crushed Colban Plant Icon.png Crushed Colban Plant Vial of Colban Dye Icon.png Vial of Colban Dye Colban Dye Pot Icon.png Colban Dye Pot
Hennacin Plant Icon.png Hennacin Plant Crushed Hennacin Plant Icon.png Crushed Hennacin Plant Vial of Hennacin Dye Icon.png Vial of Hennacin Dye Hennacin Dye Pot Icon.png Hennacin Dye Pot
Lapyan Plant Icon.png Lapyan Plant Crushed Lapyan Plant Icon.png Crushed Lapyan Plant Vial of Lapyan Dye Icon.png Vial of Lapyan Dye Lapyan Dye Pot Icon.png Lapyan Dye Pot
Minalim Plant Icon.png Minalim Plant Crushed Minalim Plant Icon.png Crushed Minalim Plant Vial of Minalim Dye Icon.png Vial of Minalim Dye Minalim Dye Pot Icon.png Minalim Dye Pot
Relanim Plant Icon.png Relanim Plant Crushed Relanim Plant Icon.png Crushed Relanim Plant Vial of Relanim Dye Icon.png Vial of Relanim Dye Relanim Dye Pot Icon.png Relanim Dye Pot
Thananim Plant Icon.png Thananim Plant Crushed Thananim Plant Icon.png Crushed Thananim Plant Vial of Thananim Dye Icon.png Vial of Thananim Dye Thananim Dye Pot Icon.png Thananim Dye Pot
Verdalim Plant Icon.png Verdalim Plant Crushed Verdalim Plant Icon.png Crushed Verdalim Plant Vial of Verdalim Dye Icon.png Vial of Verdalim Dye Verdalim Dye Pot Icon.png Verdalim Dye Pot


  • Dyeing was introduced during the Twilight's Gleaming event.
  • When first introduced, dye plants were seasonal and only appeared on the landscape during certain months:
    • During the Twilight's Gleaming event, Hennacin, Berimphur and Verdalim plants were available.
    • During The Child of Daralet event, Argenory, Minalim and Lapyan were available.
    • During the Lost in the New Horizon event, Renalim and Colban plants became available. In addition, Thananim also became available with the introduction of Terese the Herbalist.
  • During the Should the Stars Fall event, Ketnan began exchanging the three dye plants available at the time for knock-off "Hoory" Mattekar Robes and Bludgeoning Swords.
  • During the Betrayal event, plants were changed to be no longer seasonal and now appear on the landscape all year round.