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Player Killer Lite (PKL) status allows you to help, harm and kill other players that are also PKL.

From the Groundswell Rollout Article:

  • To enter PK Lite, type @pklite. You will begin an emote sequence and red mist will appear. There will also be a local text broadcast: " is looking for a fight!" For those who wish to ignore these messages, the broadcast can be filtered with @filter Commands.
  • Only NPKs can enter PK Lite. PKs cannot enter PK Lite, not even during the brief period after death when they are not attackable.
  • There are two ways to leave PK Lite: dying in a PKL fight and exiting the game. To avoid possible exploits, @pklite will not allow you to leave PK Lite. Likewise, exiting the game will always change you back to NPK status.
  • Killing a player in a PKL fight does not earn any experience.
  • When you die in a PKL fight, you do not drop any items or accrue any vitae. You do, however, leave an empty corpse. A PKL death will increase your death count.
  • PKL players cannot share the same space as other PKL players, but are ethereal to NPKs and PKs.
  • PKL players cannot help or harm PKs, nor can they help or be harmed by them. (By "help," we mean healing or beneficial enchantments.) PKL players cannot harm NPKs, but can help them. PKL players cannot be helped by NPKs.
  • PKL players are affected by all of the timers and restrictions on PK players, such as the timers on recalling and the restrictions on moving while healing or casting a spell.
  • To see a brief summary of these rules, type /help pklite.

PKL Arenas

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Lore & Dialog

See the Groundswell Teaser for the lore behind Player Killer Lite.

When using the pklite command

[Player Name] is looking for a fight!
A cold wind touches your heart. You are now a Player Killer Lite.

After relogging

You are enveloped in a feeling of warmth as you are brought back into the protection of the Light. You are once again a Non-Player Killer.



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