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Category for all things related to Olthoi Play which was introduced in the 11th anniversary update.

Ref: Release Notes
For years, our PvP players have been asking for ways they could jump right into the action and make an impact. After much debate and many a sleepless night, we are proud to release Olthoi play! At character selection, you can now choose to be an Olthoi Soldier or Spitter. Once you choose which kind of Olthoi you want to be and customize your look, you can jump right into the action of the Olthoi home island. Here your queen will provide you with buffs and send you out to explore the island. You can gather materials you need to help make your Olthoi stronger as you prepare to fight the people of Dereth. Playing as an Olthoi can be a harsh life, as you will always be a Player Killer, but only other PK’s will be able to attack you.