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Fellowships are temporary groups that can be formed quickly by recruiting or "fellowing" up to 8 (9 total) other players. Once part of a fellowship, members can share xp, luminance and loot as well as gain access to fellowship chat, status for player vitals and other interface features.

Infinite Leaftide Customization

Fellowships can now accommodate more than 9 players

Fellowship Change 1: If no other fellowship members are flagged, player will get full luminance on a kill

Fellowship Change 2: Player that killed the monster gets full Lum reward, others receive their share. This is a decent net increase to lum earned, but also reduces the friction on luminance fellowships.

Fellowship Change 3: Luminance Range now works just like XP Range

Fellowship Change 4: Your kill experience is not reduced in a fellowship. Fellowship sharing is completely additive to your base XP gain. E.g. If you kill a monster, you gain 100% of the XP you'd normally gain outside of a fellowship. The fellowship members then gets a shared scaling amount depending on normal fellow math. This results in a rather major net gain in Fellow XP.

Fellowship Commands:

/fship create <Name> : Creates a fellowship so you can start adding people. Name is just any fellow name

/fship add <optional Name> : Adds a player to your fellowship, either Named person or last target

/fship remove <optional Name>: Removes a player from your fellowship, either Named person or last target

/fship landblock: Invites everyone on your current landblock to your fellowship

Notes / Fine print: Fellowships of greater than 9 will send 25% of the EXP earned to fellows. The fellow panel in the game will likely show 0 since it's not designed to go above the old school max

Sharing options

Experience and Luminance

Players can choose between two types of fellowship - Xp Sharing and Non-Xp Sharing. The latter is useful for players that do not want to share Xp but still wish to be part of a fellowship for the interface benefits.

Fellowships are defaulted to XP-Sharing. If all members of the fellowship are within 5 levels of the founder, XP will be shared equally. If members are all within ten levels of the founder, XP will be shared proportionally.

If all members of the fellowship are level 50 or above, all members will share XP equally, and there will be no limit to the levels of the members involved. Equal share fellowships will also earn an experience bonus.

In addition to Xp, it's also possible to share Luminance in a fellowship. The share range for Luminance, however, is drastically shorter than the range for shared Xp.

These options can be enabled by selecting the "Share Fellowship Experience and Luminance" button in the fellowship panel.

Experience Bonus

An Xp bonus is also available to players that choose the share experience option. This provides an incentive to hunt together as a fellowship. The table below gives the amount of xp each member will receive as well as the "extra" xp generated by the bonus.

Number in Fellow Member Share XP Bonus
1 100% 0%
2 75% 150%
3 60% 180%
4 55% 220%
5 50% 250%
6 45% 270%
7 40% 280%
8 35% 280%
9 30% 270%

For example, if three people each killed 1 creature worth 100,000xp and they were not in an xp sharing fellowship, they would each earn 100,000xp. If however they formed a fellow and each killed 1 creature, they would each earn 60% of all three kills, or 180,000xp.

Note: This bonus occurs only in groups where the players are within 5 levels of the group founder, or if all players in the group are above level 50.


Players that choose to share treasure allow all others in the fellowship to loot the corpses of Creatures that they have defeated.

This option is enabled by selecting the "Share Fellowship Loot" button in the fellowship panel.


Main article: Social Systems Panel

The fellowship panel is found as a tab within the main social systems panel group. This panel allows you to create a fellowship after selecting the various sharing options and giving the fellowship a name. After you have created the fellowship, you can then recruit other players into it. This panel also has buttons and features for managing an active fellowship such as a button to change the leader and a window for displaying the vital stats (health, stam and mana) of players in the fellow.

Players in your fellowship appear as green blips on the Radar. A triangle pointing up is the fellowship leader. A triangle pointing down is any other member.


Many Quests can only be completed with one or more fellowships either as a recommendation or as a necessity due to the quest's difficulty or mechanics such as lever pulling. Some quests also require that a fellowship is formed as a prerequisite before you actually can start.

The Colosseum

Main article: Colosseum

The Colosseum is a dungeon of sorts that contains repeatable content geared towards fellowships. The main content are the arenas; stages of increasing difficulty that fellowships must fight through with the objective of reaching the end within an hour. Fellowships that beat the Colosseum get to access the Colosseum Vault containing many treasures.

When players first enter the Colosseum, they are in a staging area which is used by everyone to get their fellowships together, or to find a group to tag along with.

There are also other rooms separate from the arenas that contain Colosseum Bosses.

See Also

Update History

Thorns of the Hopeslayer

  • Experience point distribution altered to be fairer and for less fellowship xp to be reduced when killing creatures much lower than yourself.

The Child of Daralet

  • Option added for choosing between two types of fellowship - XP Sharing and Non-XP Sharing (and no level req.).
  • New 50+ fellowships with equal, rather than proportional, xp sharing.
  • Fellowships now dynamically change xp rates to accommodate the levels of each new player.
  • See also Upcoming Fellowship Changes.

Now In This Hush

  • Fellowships that consist entirely of players level 50 and above now share XP equally, regardless of how far apart in level players are from the fellowship leader.
  • The ten level restriction between players joining a fellowship is now ignored if the leader and new member of the fellowship are both level fifty or above.

The Gathering Storm

Fever Dreams

  • Fellowship bonuses removed for turning in items that award experience points. People who are part of a fellowship who turn in an xp-reward item will now receive their equal share of the item with no bonus (i.e., a person in a 2-person fellowship who turns in an item worth 100 xp will now receive 50 xp (50%) instead of 75 xp (75%). See the Letter to the Players for more details. In addition, 9-people fellowships have had their individual xp toggled slightly upward. 9-people fellowships now share xp at 31% instead of 30%.

Hidden Vein

  • Fellowship Panel improved and now displays the hps/stamina/mana for all players in the fellowship.


  • Leaders of a fellowship now display as triangles on the radar.


  • No longer required to walk over to someone to recruit them into a fellowship.
  • "Automatically Accept Fellowship Requests" option added to interface.

Reign of Terror

  • Fellowships no longer automatically disband if the leader quits or is disconnected.
  • Fellowship leaders can also assign leadership to a different character.
  • Players can create Open Fellowships, which allow any member to recruit new members.

Mirror, Mirror

  • You will no longer receive fellowship XP from fellowship members:
    • If they are indoors (includes buildings and surface caves) while you are outdoors, or vice-versa.
    • If you are both indoors but in different landblocks.
    • See the Rollout Article for more information.

The Madness of Men

  • The Mirror, Mirror changes now no longer apply to experience earned from trophy turn-ins.


  • Locked fellowships will now transfer leadership to the next in line when the leader drops so that the leader can be re-invited. There will only be a 15 minute window in which this option is viable. So if after 15 minutes, the leader has not returned, they will not be able to be re-invited to the fellowship. This fix also resolves the issue of players not being able to rejoin a fellowship after being dropped more than once.

The Risen Princess

  • Luminance sharing option added. The range is drastically shorter than with xp sharing.