Custom Quality of Life Updates on Infinite Leaftide

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Use a Buffing Golem (Infinite Leaftide Buffer) to receive Level 8 Buffs! Buffers are located in Yaraq, Shoushi, Holtburg, Sanamar, Candeth Keep, and Marketplace!


Marketplace is updated with a lot of QoL enhancements!

Main Room:

  1. Infinite Leaftide Buffer
  2. Exchanger of Stuffs

NE Room:

  1. Drudge Hoarder - Exchanges Rare Armor and Rare Jewelry for Updated Versions; See Custom_Quality_of_Life_Updates_on_Infinite_Leaftide#Rare_Armor_and_Jewelry_Updates
  2. Ealdred - Barber
  3. Infinite Leaftide Customs
    1. Subway Portal Gem (Unlimited Use)
    2. Bags of Craft 10 Tinkering Salvage, Foolproof Imbue Salvage, Treated Health Kit Ingredients, Aetheria Hammer
    3. Diamond Scarabs
    4. Desiccants
  4. Marid - Copy of Stipend Vendor from Arwic
  5. Monroe - Copy of Stipend Officer from Arwic
  6. Tailoring Gear Vendor - Sells armor, weapons, magic casters for tailoring and guises.
  7. Ianto - Tailor
  8. Sir Onsefam - QoL Rares (Recall Gems, Keys, Infinite Ivory/Leather, Kits, Mana Stone, Infinite Dyes)
  9. Tunlok Weapons Master - Copy of Candeth Keep Tree Weapon Vendor
  10. Aun Amanaualuan the Elder Shaman - Copy of Candepth Keep Tree Mage Vendor
  11. Thimrin Woodsetter - Copy of Candepth Keep Tree General Vendor
  12. Laurana - Master Fletcher Vendor
  13. Janier al-Evv - Alchemist Vendor
  14. Owgi Nardrum - Exchanges Society Ribbons for other society ribbons
  15. Collector
  16. Ivory Crafter

SE Room:

  1. Custom_Quality_of_Life_Updates_on_Infinite_Leaftide#Mule_Booster

NW Room:

  1. Lifestone
  2. Portal to Town Network
  3. Legendary Chests - General; Same Chests as Arwic
  4. Sets of Quest Legendary Chests for Armor, Magic, and Weapon - Legendary Keys from Quests; Those that contain a Timer and the 25 Use Legendary Key from John

Facility Hub Portals

Facility Hub has been updated to include all Olthoi Pincer dungeons, all Tusker Tusk dungeons, and all Eater Jaw dungeons!

Subway Portals

Top of Sub:

  • Towns:
    • Ayan Baqur
    • Candeth Keep
    • Crater
    • Wai-Jhou
  • Outdoor Locations:
    • Dark Isle (Requires DI Flagging; Level Req 150+)
    • Mid Direlands (VoD Hot Drop)
    • Singularity Caul (Requires Caul Flagging)
    • Vissidal Island (Requires Viss Flagging; Level Req 130+)
    • Withered Beach
  • Dungeons:
    • Augmentation Realm Main Level (Augmentation Gem; Requires 125+ Eater Jaw Flagging)
    • Creepy Canyons (Level Req 100+)
    • Empyrean Facility Upper Level (Aetheria Flagging)
    • Frozen Tomb (Luminance Flagging Dungeon)
    • Insatiable Vault (Eater 125+)
    • Singularity Bore (Level Req 50+)
    • Storage Facility
      • Harbinger's Lair
      • Humming Crystal
      • Bandit Castle
      • Shendolain
      • Ulgrim's Island
      • Snowy Valley
      • Throne of the Tusker King
      • Lighthouse
      • Asheron's Castle
      • Holtburg VIP Casino (Requires Flagging)

Bottom of Sub:

  • BSD - AB (Level Req 140+)
  • BSD - Teth (Level Req 225+)
  • BSD - Wai-Jhou (Level Req 140+)
  • Citadel - Desert (Level Req 500+)
  • Citadel - Hills (Level Req 180+)
  • Citadel - Mountain
  • Citadel - Ridge (Level Req 700+)
  • Citadel - Wilderness (Level Req 140+)
  • Dark Design (Level Req 200+)
  • Egg Orchard (Level Req 140)
  • Egg Orchard East (Level Req 140)
  • Egg Orchard West (Level Req 180)
  • Underground City (Retail Portal)
  • Surface

Stipend and Augmentation Gem Timers

All Augmentation Gem Quests and Stipend timers have now been set to 1 day and 20ish hours.

Stipend Items Cost

The following items have been reduced in cost to 1 Stipend:

  1. Augmentation Gem
  2. Level 8 Creature Spells Certificate
  3. Level 8 Item Spells Certificate
  4. Level 8 Life Spells Certificate
  5. Level 8 War Spells Certificate
  6. Level 8 Void Spells Certificate

Mule Booster

Mule Booster in MP modifies your character to a glorified Mule! Using the Mule Crystal will result in the following:

  1. Instant set to Level 180
  2. No XP gains/passup
  3. No Luminance gains/passup
  4. No raising Attributes
  5. No Skills
  6. No earning QB
  7. No joining Fellowships
  8. Strength set to 5,000
  9. Augments to the Extra Pack Slot
  10. Obtain a 102 slot bag - Use Mule Crystal to obtain additional bags
  11. Obtain an Aetheria Mana Stone (for revealing Aetheria)
  12. Inability to Portal


Bank System

See Custom_Functionality_on_Infinite_Leaftide#Bank_System for details on the character Bank System.

Rare Armor and Jewelry Updates

Upgraded Rare Armor and Jewelry! Hand in your retail versions of Rare Armor or Jewelry to Drudge Hoarder in Marketplace for a version with Legendary Spells in place of the Epics! Additionally, Jewelry has been updated to include the Heroic Destroyer Set (the same Set that's on Rare Weapons).
Multi-slot Rare Armor can also be handed to the Exchanger of Stuffs in MP to receive a version reduced to a single slot!

Skill and Attribute Redistribution

Aydra the Redistributor in Arwic sells Skill gems of Forgetfulness and Specialization and Attribute Transfer Gems for 1 Pyreal each. There's no timer for purchasing/using these Gems.

Large Packs

Bags Goes The Bagger in Arwic sells 102 Slots Packs for 80 MMDs.

Prismatic Peas

Prismatic Peas are available at Master Mages! Use a Pea Splitter to obtain 1,000 Prismatic Tapers. Note: VTank does not utilize Prismatic Peas by default.

Trophy Drop Rates

  1. Bronze Statue items are increased to 100%
  2. Gromnie Teeth are increased to 50%
  3. Siraluun Claws are increased to 50%
  4. Great Mattekar Horn is increased to 50%
  5. Idol Gems are increased to 100%
  6. Dread Mattekar Paws are increased to 100%

Stacking Size and Burden

  1. Lugian Commander's and Lieutenant's Insignias are 1 BU
  2. Alternate Currencies stack to 1000
  3. Higashiyama transfers Promissory Notes by stacks of 100 Alternate Currency
  4. Chorizite Potions are 1 BU
  5. Olthoi Slasher Carapaces are 1 BU and stack to 1000
  6. Olthoi Slayer Carapaces are 1 BU and stack to 1000
  7. Olthoi Ripper Spines are 1 BU and stack to 1000
  8. Encapsulated Spirits are 25 BU and stack to 10,000
  9. Prismatic Tapers at 3 BU and stack to 10,000

Void Wands

Give a Soul Bound Wand, Paradox-touched Olthoi Wand (Life or War version), Upgraded Singularity Wand (Life or War?) to Exchanger of Stuffs in Marketplace (main room) for a Soul Bound Wand, a Paradox-touched Olthoi Nether Wand, or Upgrade Singularity Void Wand respectively.

Shadowfire Bow

Give a Shadowfire Isparian Crossbow to Exchanger of Stuffs in Marketplace (main room) for a Shadowfire Isparian Bow.

Miscellaneous Updates

  1. Tusker Paw Wand slayer bonus reduced to 200% from 300%.
  2. Gaerlan's Citadel quest no longer has the Door in the Rolling Balls of Death section.
  3. Gaerlan's Citadel lower quest (Non-150+ Versions) can give Skill based weapons.
  4. Burun Kings have had their resistances and armors nerfed, including Browerk. They also now have some Void resistance, so it's no longer a pushover with Void damage.
    1. Percent chance of giving Outland Portal Device increased slightly.
    2. Percent chance of giving Dangerous Portal Device increased slightly. (+10%)
  5. Doriathazaar at the top of the Viridian Rise Tree no longer gives 100 Amber Shards, you just get the quest completion QB.
  6. Olthoi Femurs now have a 100% drop rate from Olthoi Soldiers in the Catacombs of Opposition. (Olthoi Weapons Quest).
  7. Demerax The Prodigal Human now drops 13 shards and potions.
  8. Rynthid Tenticle Weapons can now be exchanged at the Weapon Exchanger in marketplace for a version without level 8 spells.
  9. Legendary Chests have an increased chance of dropping the better versions of loot than retail.
  10. Black Market Gems of Dispelling cost 25k (instead of Retail 250k)
  11. Added Legendary 2-Hand Skill to Green Society Band. Hand your old band to Behold Mii next to the Gauntlet Vendor for the new version.
  12. Thimrin Woodsetter in MP sells "Greatest Stamina Kits" for 50k Pyreals a piece
  13. Players who die in MP will not drop items on death
  14. Peas now split into 1000 of the item
  15. Rank requirement to purchase a Mansion is set to 3
  16. You cannot gamble for experience with Falatacot or Empyrean trinkets.
  17. No housing restriction for account age