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Welcome to all you Adventure Seekers!

If you are here you're like most of us an enjoy the continued uniqueness of Asheron's Call So much you want to continue to play 24 years after launch. Even WoW doesn't have that deep of a nostalgia. Now you have lots of choices in Types of servers around for Asherons call through both ACE and if you are adventurous, GDLE

What's Unique About Leaftide

Custom Infinite Server can raise all attributes and spend Lum on custom Augs

Revised hunting dungeons to provide tiered pathway to gain XP

Devs that are players and content creators that need more content to experience themselves

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Quest Bonus system has been migrated to the Account level. QB is calculated by: Quest stamps added by quests to the quest registry, and additionally one QB once the quest has been completed. (Note, there is no filter on these quests, and nothing special needs to be done with the quest to make it eligible for QB, as long as it appears in the quest registry, it will work.) 0.5% XP and Lum gain per QB flag...Lou Ka's stolen items is ~20 QB...we are Making Questing Great Again
  • Offline Pass-up works...because sometimes IRL IRL's
  • Luminance now passes up like XP
  • Luminance goes straight to the bank so you don't lose 1 mil Luminance on a 2.5 mil Lum turn in
  • a Bank System to store your hard earned Pyreals and Luminance and Legendary Keys without losing the surcharge to purchase MMD's
  • Oil of Rendering now provides a Rended Academy Weapon to start your adventures. Void Mages can Turn in the Piercing Academy Wand in the Marketplace to the Weapon Exchanger for a Biting Strike Wand.
  • More attribute contribution to damage calculations. For spells, Focus and Self (both 25%) contribute to damage, and for Finesse 25% of Strength applies in addition to Coordination for damage. (Note, 25% is in relation to the normal base stat applications, like Strength for 2 hand or Coordination for Bow)
  • Enlightenment is Now Unlimited and provides a +10% XP and Luminance Across the Board bonus
  • Mule Booster available in MP to Lock a Character to the MP, provide Mule oriented Augs a 100 slot bag and 5000 Strength
  • You can Raise your Stats (Str, End, Etc.) indefinitely as well as health, stamina, and mana
  • Tailoring reducing items have been reduced from 50MMDs to 1MMD in cost.
  • Prismatic tapers now stack to 10,000, and have had their burden reduced from 6 to 3.
  • In order to speed up Augmentations, The price from Marid has been reduced from 3 stipends to 1
  • Prismatic Peas (available at all master mages) now split into 1000 prismatic tapers, their burden has been increased from 10 to 50, and cost has been increased from 2750 to 15000
  • "Infinite Leaftide Buffer"s added in MP, Holtburg, Shoushi, Yaraq, and Sanamar, also upgraded to level 8 buffs
  • Garbage Barrel added to marketplace.. because.. why not?
  • Aydra the Redistributor is up in Arwic. She sells all the gems for attribute and skill redistribution.
  • Bags Goes The Bagger has appeared in Arwic. Apparently some old crazy guy gave him a lot of 102 slot bags that he is now selling for 80 MMDs each. Go spend your hard earned trade notes
  • Added Multiple Vendors marketplace - a Meta Convenience
  • MMD's stack to 5000 and have 0 Burden


  • Added some portals to the Abandoned Mines, Ayan Baqur, Sir Bellas (Augmentation Realm Main), Insatiable Vault, Wai Jhou, and Candeth Keep and most of the prime hunting dungeons portals reside in the basement
  • Abandoned Mines portal in the Town Network, South Wing. Along with Infinite town portal gems
  • Added a portal to Deep Mukkir Nest (Part of DI Flag Quest) at the Vissidal Drop (79.0N 58.6E). This is in preparation to Vissidal changes

Dungeon Improvements

  • All Starter dungeons have had their Max Level Restrictions removed and some have had the entrance requirement lowered
  • Mountain Citadel has been overrun with Tukora Sentinels. Please be careful if adventuring into the dungeon. Density is currently low...for now (foreshadowing)
  • In an effort to reduce Tusker Barracks being camped. Spawn rate has been reduced from 5 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Creepy Canyon respawn rate reduced from 4 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Matron Hive North, West, and South have had their respawn rate reduced from 8 minutes to 60 seconds for all the mobs except Grubs and the Queen
  • Matron Hive East has had the respawn timer reduced from 8 minutes to 240 seconds for all mobs except the Grubs and the Queen
  • EO main has now been infiltrated with Olthoi Slashers and Slayers. The spawn rate is substantially increased, and Rippers have been removed
  • Egg Orchard West has been absolutely overrun by Olthoi Rippers with a rapid spawn rate. Be careful out there folks
  • EO East is now a tier 8 dungeon. On top we have Augmented Swarm Demons, and on the bottom Augmented Eviscerators. The bottom is incredibly dangerous, please tread carefully as body recoveries won't be easy.
  • Black Spawn Den (Ayan Baqur) has a new breed of tusker there. They are slightly weaker than Stompers, however the spawn density is increased from creepy canyon and should be more lucrative. This is going to be the lowest difficulty variation of BSD going forward.
  • Wai Jhou BSD (Obsidian Plains) has been overrun by Enraged Stompers. This is now a T8 dungeon and will be a large step up from Ayan BSD
  • Obsidian Plains BSD is now summon able and has a level 180 minimum.
  • Swamp Temple: Added a mob generator that generates Swamp Gromnies where they normally are at a faster rate

When Progressing through hunting areas it's easier to go by the amount of custom Augs you have.

These are suggestions, if you don't have many /raises or don't have Legendaries you may need more Augs

  • EO West/Candeth: 40 creature, 20 item and life.
  • Teth BSD: 100 creature, 60-70 item and 50 life.
  • Dark Design: 150 creature, 100 item, 50 life
  • Desert Cit: 200 creature, 130 item and 50 life
  • Ridge Cit: 250+creature, 150+item and 50+ life.

Items and Loot Improvements

  • The new Server Currency is in! How do you prepare to use it?

Aetheria Powder is a key part of the recipe. Save your Aetheria (color is relevant, but level is not). Certain coins and trinkets can be "Enlightened" with Aetheria powder. There is no skill check for these. Quality of the Trinket and quality of the Aetheria Powder will determine the quality of the coin. Low, Normal, and High quality will be put into the game on 3 different (likely monkey related, because why not) vendors

  • Red and Blue Aetheria Powder is in use.
  • You can use a Lugian Aetherium Hammer to make Red Aetheria Chunks which are stackable, and then later convert them to Red Aetheria Powder in the same way you convert Aetheria to Aetheria Powder. Then you can use the powder on an Ancient Empyrean Trinket to produce a coin.
  • Encapsulated spirits now stack up to 10,000 from 50. Also their weight has been cut in half to 25 burden each from 50.

Luminance and Augmentations

  • Luminance Augmentation Crystals are now purchasable! There is 1 Gem per School. They can be purchased using the Enlightened Coin, from the grand monkey thingy. (Ancient Statue of unknown origin)
  • Creature augmentation adds 1 to your Self Spells. This is additive and can continue to be purchased infinitely (costing slightly more Lum each use). Lum is charged on use of the crystals. Cost is independent per crystal type
  • Item augmentation adds 1 to standard numerical Self spells like Blood Drinker, or +1% to percentage based spells
  • Life augmentation adds 1 to Life spells, including Protections, Rejuvs, Imperils, and Harms / Martyrs / Drains.
  • War and Void both function similarly in that each augmentation adds 1 additional damage.


  • Custom Killtasks for Slayers and Slashers in Eastwatch
  • Bellas now 2 day timer
  • Monroe's Stipend now 2 day timer
  • Nalicana now 2 day timer
  • Siraluun Claw and Gromnie Teeth Droprates increased to 50%
  • Tusker Menace Hunter has arrived in Oolatunga's Refuge.
  • Got rid of the Gman door that nobody could kill, that should fix that issue 🙂

Whats Coming

More QoL and More Content