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There are several known worlds in the universe of Asheron's Call. Please see each world's article for more information on its history and cultures. See also: Category:Celestial Object.

Auberean - The world where Dereth is located. Native natural species include: Carenzi, Gromnie (young Gromnatross), Ruschk, and Siraluun. The Empyrean, while not native, have lived on Auberean for tens of thousands of years.

Bur - Home world of the Burun, Moars, Fiazhat, and possibly the Thrungus. The Falatacot have had a strong presence on this world, although it is not their home world.

Gearknight Homeworld - The world the Gearknights originate from. Also known by the Yalaini designation of E24-3865B.

Ezheret-Hazahtu - A gas giant and moon. The Moon, Ezheret, is the homeworld of the Tumeroks, Banderlings, Mosswarts, and Drudges.

Olthoi Homeworld - The world where both the Olthoi and the Grievvers originate from.

Ispar - The home world of the humans. Heritage groups on Ispar include: Aluvian, Gharu'ndim, Milantos, Roulean, Sho, Silveran, Souia-Vey, and Viamontian. Ursuin are also native to Ispar, along with Rats, Rabbits, Chickens, and Cows.

Tuu - Homeworld of the Lugians.

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