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For information on the topic of continuity in fiction, continuity errors, and retroactive continuity (retcon), see wikipedia - Continuity (fiction)

The following pages attempt to document various errors in continuity, and if possible, draw a reasonable conclusion on what can be considered "canon".


Basic Backstory



Distant Past

Recent Past



  • Timeline of Ispar - continuity regarding how the timeline of Ispar evolved. (complete, needs cleanup/restructure)
  • Roulean Calendar and Portal Years - continuity regarding the conversion between the Roulean calendar of Ispar and the Portal Year calendar of Dereth. (complete, needs cleanup/restructure)
  • Aluvian History - continuity specifically as it relates to the Aluvian people. (complete, needs cleanup/restructure)
  • Gharu'ndim History - continuity specifically as it relates to the Gharu'ndim people. (complete, needs cleanup/restructure)
  • Sho History - continuity specifically as it relates to the Sho people. (WIP)
  • Viamontian History - continuity specifically as it relates to the Viamontian people. (complete, needs cleanup/restructure)



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