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Category:Lore Character (All) Category:Major Character Category:Minor Character
Category:Isparian Character
Category:Aluvian Character Category:Gharu'ndim Character Category:Milantean Character Category:Roulean Character
Category:Sho Character Category:Silveran Character Category:Souia-Vey Character Category:Viamontian Character
Category:Empyrean Character
Category:Dericostian Character Category:Falatacot Character Category:Haebrean Character Category:Yalaini Character
Category: Creature Character
Category:Banderling Character Category:Burun Character Category:Drudge Character Category:Fiun Character
Category:Lugian Character Category:Mosswart Character Category:Ruschk Character Category:Tumerok Character
Category:Virindi Character
Category:Deity Character Category:Old One Character Category:Gromnatross Character
Category:Living Character Category:Deceased Character Category:Undead Character Category:Shadow Character

Characters Major Characters, Minor Characters, Isparian Characters, Empyrean Characters, Creature Characters, Deity Characters
Cultures Isparian: Aluvian, Gharu'ndim, Kael Arran, Milantean, Roulean, Sho, Silveran, Souia-Vey, Viamontian.
Empyrean: Dericostian, Falatacot, Haebrean, High Desert Nomad, Yalaini.
Creatures: A'nekshay, Banderling, Burun, Drudge, Fiun, Gearknight, Lugian, Mosswart, Olthoi, Ruschk, Shadow, Tumerok, Tusker, Virindi.
Deities: Deru, Gromnatross, Kemeroi, Slithis
Worlds Auberean, Bur, Gearknight Homeworld, Ezheret-Hazahtu, Ispar, Olthoi Homeworld, Tuu
Historical Records Texts, Internet Lore Articles, Event Announcements, Utterances, AC:DM CD Lore, A Brief History for Travelers, The History of Auberean, Stormwaltz Quotes
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