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Travelling in Asheron's Call is done by using your feet or through the use of portals. No creature large enough has ever been tamed for use as a mount.

By foot


Used to show your location within Dereth. The X-axis corresponds to East-West coordinates and the Y-axis to North-South. For example, if a character was standing beside the portal to the Abandoned Mine, their coordinates would be 34.9N, 54.4E.

You can find your current coordinates at the bottom of the Map Panel or either side of the radar when the "Show Coordinates by the Radar" option is enabled.

The radar

Main article: Radar

The radar is used to locate Creatures, NPCs, Player Characters, Portals and Lifestones in the vicinity. It also includes compass points used for direction (N, E, S and West). The direction your character is facing is shown by a gray v-shaped area on the radar.

The run skill

Main article: Run (Skill)

Every character begins with the run and jump skills. Although initially they are only as high as your attributes (Quickness for run and Strength and Coordination for jump), they can be raised to a level where you can quickly run long distances and leap over entire buildings.

By portal magic

In addition to portals that lead to Dungeons and Quests, there are also many other ways to use portals to get around Dereth.

Portal gems and summoned portals

Main article: Portal Gems

Portal gems are gems that when used summon a portal to a location (usually the name of the gem itself). This can then be used by anyone in the area providing they meet the level requirements on the portal.

The Item Enchantment skill can also be used to summon portals using spells from the 3rd level and above. The base skill level of Item Magic to cast these spells is 150 base without buffs or 150 with buffs.

Summoned portals are known as gateways. Gateways summoned by portal gems cannot usually be tied to or summoned.

The Portal Network

Main article: Portal Network

The Portal Network refers to the multitude of portals in towns and dungeons linking together various locations in Dereth. This includes the Town Network - a hub linking most of the towns of Dereth together.

Recall commands

Main article: Recall Commands

Recall commands allow you to be transported to a location by typing a command into the chat box. Every recall command has a short animation that will be completed by your character before you're portaled away.

Most recall commands are related to gameplay elements such as Allegiances (mansion and town recall) and Player Versus Player (arena recalls), however, every character has the option to recall to their attuned Lifestone and also to the Marketplace.

Recall spells

Main article: Recall Spells

The Item Enchantment skill can be used to utilise portal magic. The third level of Item Magic has many spells such as Portal Recall (used to recall to the last portal entered), Primary Portal Tie and Secondary Portal Tie (used to tie to non-restricted portals) and the spells Primary Portal Recall and Secondary Portal Recall to recall to the portals that have been tied to. This includes the summon portal spells mentioned briefly above.

Like most spells, recall spells are mainly learned through the use of scrolls with a few exceptions taught by NPCs or objects. Recall spells transport you to certain locations even faster than when using commands. After a short casting animation, your character is portaled to the destination.

Portal colors

  • Most portals are colored appropriate to the difficulty of the content found at the destination.
  • The color doesn't always match the level requirements on the portal, however, usually this is because the dungeon or location received an update at some point.
  • For example, A Small Ruin originally had a blue 5+ portal as the content was easy for new players. The creatures found in the ruin were later updated and now the portal is green, but the portal still has a 5+ restriction.
Portal Level Guide
White Portal.png Summoned Portals; Portal Requirements Vary
Pink Portal.png General Portals; No Level Requirements
Blue Portal.png Levels 1-10 and all Starter Dungeons
Green Portal.png Levels 10-39
Yellow Portal.png Levels 40-59
Orange Portal.png Levels 60-79
Red Portal.png Level 80+

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