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Decal Logo Decal is a plugin environment that provides developers a framework with which to create Plugins that interface with Asheron's Call.

In order to use Decal Plugins with Asheron's Call, you must first install Decal.

  • To download the latest release version of Decal v2.9.7.5, please visit the Official Decal Website.
  • You may be prompted when running Decal installer that you require .Net Framework 2.0, you can download those directly from Microsoft here.
  • For some popular plugins (Virindi Tank) you may be prompted to install DirectX 9, you can download that directly from Microsoft here.
  • The Current Decal Memlocs (Memory Locations) for June 2015 Hotfix,
  • To download the latest Beta version of Decal, please visit the Official Decal Beta Site,
    [As with any Beta version of any software you use it at your own risk].

Decal Options
Decal has several Options, the following is a description of each Option by one of the Decal developers.

Decal Options.png
  • Multiple views - Back in the early day, you could only have one decal view active at a time. I guess because some users liked it that way, it was made it a toggle setting and never removed.
  • Adjust Bar for Radar - This is a poorly described feature that was used to prevent the decal bar from drawing under the Radar. Ever since ToD changed the graphics engine, Decal has been able to draw on top of any part of the AC game UI - it used to only be capable of drawing on top of the 3D view.
  • Use Alternate Injection Method - This is just a different way to get Decal to load into AC.
  • Disable View Rendering - This option completely stops the view rendering system from even trying to render views (the ones in the Decal bar). If you have any plugins with views, they will still run but their views still not show up at all. Plugins which use other methods of displaying content, such as AC+ or Virindi View Service plugins, are not affected.
Decal No Movies No Logos.png
  • The "No Movies" and "No Logos" options in Decal when selected configure Decal to bypass the Movie and Logo during the starting of AC, login goes straight to the character selection screen without any need for clicking. This option did not function but both the "No Movies" and "No Logos" options were corrected in the v2.9.6.9 Beta release of Decal.

Developer and Plugin Forums;

Other Plugin Sites and Lists;

A Guide to Installing Decal on Windows 7.

Decal Hotkey System

Add Hotkey to DHS.png

Many plugins utilize the Decal Hotkey System to access their functions in game. You are able to modify or add new hotkeys by first clicking on the small purple book icon for DHS. This will bring up a list of existing functions. At first the second column will say None for all of the functions because no hotkeys have been assigned yet. To assign a hotkey, type the function name (left column) in the text box at the bottom then click the Add Hotkey button. A message will be given in the AC chat area: [Decal Hotkey System] Entering add mode.

Now click the key or combination of keys you wish to assign to that function, then click the OK button and you will get the message: [Decal Hotkey System] New key recorded!

To delete a hotkey, click the dark button on the far right line of that hotkey and you will be asked [Decal Hotkey System] Are you sure you want to delete this hotkey? Then click the Yes button and you will get the message [Decal Hotkey System] Deleted hotkey! To temporarily inactivate a function, click the green dot on that function's line (check the same box again to restore it).

Decal Skin Replacements

The Decal Skin Replacements are available in the following colours;

Black, Blue, Light Blue, Metallic Blue, Violet, Purple, Red, Orange, Silver, Green as well as the original Decal Default skin.


Decal Plugins

The New!.gif image indicates that the plugin or standalone program has been updated within the last 30 days.
As a plugin developer if you update any of your plugins, message Sucamarto here on the Wiki and he will add/update it here for you.

Name Screen Version Last Update Author Description
AC+ Image.jpg 2009-12-09 Flynn A plugin that has a variety of facilities and enhancements. See the web page for full details.
AcPowerSaver Image.jpg 2011-08-03 -lino- A filter that limits AC's framerate to reduce CPU/GPU load.
AetherFilter File:AetherFilter Screen Shot.png 2015-01-26 irquk AetherFilter is a CharacterFilter and WorldFilter replacement for Decal that is required for GearFoundry v2.x to function.
AgentZ AgentZ Screen Shot.jpg 2012-02-25 Zegeger An all purpose plugin featuring XP tracking, enhancement lists, chat, HUDS and utilities.
A.K.A Image.jpg 2007-11-22 Flynn Allows you to create aliases to make it easier to /tell people you talk to a lot.
Alinco3 Buffs Alinco3 Buffs Screen Shot.jpg
- inc Updated SpellData.XML
2012-04-02 Kimseth Alinco 3 Buffs is a plugin designed for use with Decal for Asheron's Call. This plugin makes self buffing as easy as two clicks of your mouse! Tell Alinco 3 Buffs which Creature and Life spells you want to have buffed. Next tell it the Item banes you want cast on your character. Now select your weapon(s) of choice and add them to Alinco 3 Buffs to ensure you never leave home with out a buffed weapon!.

Alinco3 Buffs Tutorial

ArrowCam Image.jpg   Hazridi Allows you to manipulate the camera so that you can either follow your missile attacks or change the center of focus to another item or creature.
BuffMe BuffMeProfile.jpg   Freod Buff me is a plug-in to self buff your character. It will also cast spells on your equipped items, and items in your inventory. You can also use it to create profiles for casting buffs on others.
Babel Fish Babel Fish Screen Shot.gif   Digero Translates spellwords into the name of the spell cast. It also provides some advanced filtering options.
Castaway beta Castaway Bot Screen Shot.png 2013-06-30 Flandango A Buffbot plugin for Asherons Call.

The latest Spells config XML file required for Feb. 2012 changes:
The latest Speech config XML file required for Feb. 2012 changes:

CharInfo Charinfo Screen Shot.png 2013-02-24 [Simius] CharInfo - Works similarly to how TreeStats worked. You load this plugin into your Decal, log on to your Asheron's Call character, and your information is displayed on the website.
ColoHelper Image.jpg 2010-11-21 -lino- A Virindi Views HUD that shows information when a Colosseum run is in progress.
CompHud Component HUD Screen Shot.jpg 2012-03-27 -lino- A simple component hud using Virindi Views.
Corpse Tracker Corpse Tracker Screen Shot.jpg 2006-12-22 Flynn Plugin that lists unopened corpses and optionally highlights them with an arrow pointing to them (from above). Some functionality requires the Radar Add-on.
CovenantAdvisor CovenantAdvisor Screen Shot.png 2010-12-13 -lino- Lets you define different target profiles for protection values of covenant and then tells you how to tink an item to achieve those values.
DamageTracker DamageTracker Screen Shot.png 2016-01-19 -lino- DamageTracker keeps track of all damage you take in combat and shows you statistics.
Defective (beta) Defective Screen Shot.png 2012-05-17 Hazridi Defective is a replacement for the AC item bar in the bottom right. Unlike the item bar, you can put items or spells in any hotkey spot. You use it exactly like any existing AC bar -- just drag the spell or item onto the spot you want to use. This plugin requires DECAL and the VIRINDI PLUGIN BUNDLE.
DIRCal Image.jpg   Virindi Inquisitor Allows chatting via IRC. Original plugin by Lane Meyer.
Door Butler Image.jpg   Meum Will open doors automatically. May take a second or two.
Emote Butler Image.jpg   Meum For easy handling with all emotes. Define a hotkey in Decal Hotkey System, then change emotes in the list as you want.
Evader Image.jpg   Maddy Filters out your evade and zero damage messages.
FelscudasNotes FelscudasNotes Screen Shot.png 2013-07-12 -lino- FelscudasNotes is a plugin that helps you keep track of basic character data like race, level, patron/vassals, recall spells, Stipends and important once-per-character quests and also track the last time your character discovered a rare.
Fortune Hunter Image.jpg 2006-12-22 Flynn Automates handing in gambling tokens, the trophies you get from gambling, and unlocking and handing in mnemosynes.
Garage Sale Image.jpg 0.5.4 2012-09-06 irquk Garage Sale 0.5.4 for your salvage buying and selling needs. Requires Skunkworks.
GearFoundry GearFoundry Screen Shot.png 2016-01-19 irquk GearFoundry is a VVS replacement for Alinco3 which has now Discontinued.
GoArrow Go Arrow Screen Shot.gif 2012-04-02 Kimseth GoArrow is used for finding coords for Portals, Towns, Dungeons, NPCs, etc. It can be used to find the best route to take to get to a specific destination. It can be used to display a map of the dungeon that you are currently exploring... GoArrow is a must have addition to any players tool kit.
GoArrow (VVS Edition) GoArrow VVS Screen Shot.png 2012-04-02 Kimseth GoArrow is used for finding coords for Portals, Towns, Dungeons, NPCs, etc. It can be used to find the best route to take to get to a specific destination. It can be used to display a map of the dungeon that you are currently exploring... GoArrow is a must have addition to any players tool kit.
Hex Image.jpg 2011-07-29 Hazridi Hides the AC GUI, allowing the 3d area to fill the whole game window.
HouseMan Image.jpg 2009-09-15 -lino- Helps you manage your house guest and storage access list.
Hush! Image.jpg   Maddy Message filtering plugin.
Imp Inventory Imp Inventory Screen Shot.jpg   Arkayas Scans inventory and outputs. to XML, HTML or text file for offline viewing.
Insane-Bot Client Image.jpg 2012-02-16 kgober The Insane-Bot Client is a very simple Decal plug-in -- it adds support for a small number of commands to the chat line in AC.
Khao Tipper Khao Tipper Screen Shot.png 2008-10-01 Ftuoil Xelrash A plugin for tipping cows.

PS: This is also any easy way to get your newly created character to level 16 by completing the Cow Tipping quest.

Leader Image.jpg 2012-11-18 Misha Leader is a colloseum navigation plugin. Directions for each spawn can be sent by the leader to the fellow. Also a clock lets the leader know how much time is left.
LifetankX Image.jpg 11.9.8 2008-08-08 Xeon_Xarid A Combat Macro Plugin for Asheron's Call.
Lifetank 2015 File:LTx2015.png 2015-04-14 HardCharger An all in one combat macro.
LockesArmyKnife LockesArmyKnife Screen Shot.png 2012-7-31 -lino- A collection of small utilities. Calculates death item drops.
LogWiz LogWiz Screen Shot.gif 2006-08-01 Digero Creates logs of chat text in either plain text or full color. You can choose which types of message it logs, add time stamps make separate logs for each character. It will make a new log file for each day.
Mag-Enhanced Virindi Tank Classic Looter 2.11 Image.jpg 2.11 2013-03-14 Mag-nus GUI Enhancements + Added Loot Rule Requirements.
Mag-Filter Image.jpg 2.0.2 2015-01-26 Mag-nus One of your characters is still in the world. Please try again in a few minutes. Auto retries and logins in character,
Esc key at character login screen completely exits the client, without any confirmation dialog.
Mag-Tools Mag-Tools Screen Shot.jpg 2.0.9 2015-01-31 Mag-nus A small plugin that provides tools to take away some of the burden of playing Asheron's Call. Many of the tools are designed to help those who play multiple accounts at once. Mag-Tools can also be used for looting (corpses, chests, et cetera), in conjunction with your Virindi Classic Looter profile.
Media Control Media Control.gif   Digero Allows you to control Windows Media Player (and others) from within AC.
Minimap MiniMap Screen Shot.jpg 2009-12-28 Flynn Adds dungeon walls to the radar. Unvisited areas show in white, while visited areas are shown in blue. Requires Radar Add-on.
Mishna Auto-Inventory Plugin Image.jpg 2013-03-09 Misha An Auto Inventory Plugin for Asherons Call. We call it auto-inventory because if you choose to set it to inventory on log-in it does so
Mob Tracker Mob Tracker Screen Shot.jpg 2007-12-30 Yew Wan Sum Provides the user with a handy way to hunt down rare spawns.
Mudsort Image.jpg 1.5.0 2014-10-21 mudzereli mudsort is a powerful sorting plugin for decal it allows you to sort by multiple item attributes such as max damage, value, model, etc, it can also bulk move items between bags.
MuleThis Image.jpg 2012-07-03 -lino- MuleThis helps you to mule items like salvage, rares, level 8 components, Dark Isle trophies and a few other things quickly.
NinjAlert Image.jpg   Meum  
Octagram Image.jpg 2014-04-01 irquk The Octagram plugin is a plugin for use with the Summoning Skill.
PK Hunter Image.jpg     Plugin for Player Killers that will upload stats to a server for a PK Ladder type ranking system.
Population Filter Image.jpg     A filter to report the number of people connected to your server.
Quack Quack Screen Shot.jpg 2.9.0 2008-10-01 Ftuoil Xelrash A plugin to log out on death and has an anti-idle setting.
Quest Timer Quest Timer Screen Shot.gif 2.4.2 2005-12-15 Digero Easily keep track of quest timers across multiple characters and accounts, and publish them online.
Quests Quests Screen Shot.png 2012-10-21 Misha Quests allows quest directions and coordinates to be displayed ingame. The steps of a quest can be sent to the allegiance or fellow. Coordinates when sent to fellow or allegiance are clickable to go into GoArrow.
New!.gif Radar File:Radar.png 1.2.2 2016-05-19 Mania A Plugin designed to make to easier finding differing types of creatures, NPCs and objects.
Radar Add-on Image.jpg 2010-01-05 Flynn Plugin allows other plugins to add things to AC's radar, including blips, borders, lines, colors.
Reloader Reloader Screen Shot.jpg 2007-11-25 Meum Re-load items from your house chest, including arrow heads, potions, peas or whatever else you need.
Screenr Image.jpg 2011-08-03 -lino- Automatically takes screenshots when you level or acquire an augmentation. Can also repeatedly take screenshots on a timer.
Scrolls File:Scrolls.jpg 1.0 2016-01-19 Mania A Plugin that makes all level 8 scrolls and tells you which spells your missing (Requires Virindi Views)
ScrollReader3 ScrollReader3 Screen Shot.jpg 2012-04-25 -lino- Scans your inventory for scrolls of spells you have not learned and then learns them for you. Also can buy scrolls for missing level 1-6 spells from scriveners for and list missing level 7 and 8 spells.
Sellvage Sellvage Screen Shot.png 2011-04-25 -lino- Automatically sells partial and full bags of salvage to a vendor.
ShoppingCart Beta ShoppingCart Screen Shot.png v1.1 2013-05-10 baskill ShoppingCart has been designed to help make shopping at bots running MuleTradeIt! easier than ever before. This first version contains some basic filtering options and requires MagTools and vTank loot profiles to make full use of the plugin.
Silence Beta Silence Screen Shot.png v1.0.0 2012-07-09 Endy Silence is a plugin to help manage chat in Asheron’s Call. Silence is currently being released as a beta. Use at your own risk.
SkunkVision Skunk Vision Screen Shot.jpg   Greg Kusnick Plugin for making visible in game some things you can't ordinarily see. These include (for now) unclimbable slopes, impassable water and radar range.
SkunkVision (VVS Edition) Skunk Vision VVS Screen Shot.jpg   Virindi Inquisitor A port of GKusnick's SkunkVision which runs in Virindi Views.
Skunkworks SkunkWorks Logo.gif 3.5 2006-12-19 Greg Kusnick Decal-based scripting tool.
Society Aid Image.jpg 1.1 2008-08-29 Paraduck Configurable society chat color and output window.
SoulSeeker Image.jpg 1 2019-01-14 [kuroarashi] An Asheron's Call PvP / macro assist plugin.
Spellbar Saver Spellbar Saver Screen Shot.gif 2007-06-07 Digero Multi-purpose utility to manage your spellbars.
SpellsToFIle Image.jpg 2012-09-14 Losada SpellsToFile is a plugin designed for use with Decal for Asheron's Call. SpellsToFIle was developed by Digero. This plugin features allows you to export a listing of spells that are found in game. The list isn't limited to what players can cast, it will provide you with a complete list of spells cast by NPC, Monsters, Players, Etc..
Spies Image.jpg 2008-10-01 Ftuoil Xelrash Multi-Utility.
Squire Image.jpg 2006-12-22 Flynn Displays a list of all worn equipment, indicates whether or not the spells are active and shows the mana remaining.
SSSort SSSort Screen Shot.gif 2007-01-15 Digero Sorts scrolls, salvage or mana stones in your packs.
SSSort (VVS Edition) SSSort VVS Screen Shot.png 2011-12-23 Virindi Inquisitor Sorts scrolls, salvage or mana stones in your packs.
StuffExchanger StuffExchanger Screen Shot.png 2010-06-03 -lino- StuffExchanger automates interaction with both Rare Exchanger and Component Exchanger..
Target HUD File:Target HUD Screen Shot.png v1.2.0.0 2013-08-07 baskill Target HUD has been designed to provide more information relating to your currently selected target, such as debuff and vitals tracking, as well as damage weaknesses (using your vTank monster list profile).
Target Info Target Info Screen Shot.gif 3.1.1 2006-06-13 Digero Tells you which monsters have debuffs on them, regardless of who cast them. You must be around when the debuff is cast.
The Deep The Deep Screen Shot.jpg 2008-10-01 Ftuoil Xelrash Turn in gold trophies to the deep or transfer to a mule with a click, in just a few seconds.
Tings Tings Screen Shot.png 2013-05-15 Flipo New Ting's verson 400. Multi-account portal Bot release. Must use AC quick launch version 10 or above for this feature. The plugin is still an all in One plugin for Portal Bot, Cooking, Tinkering, HUDs, In-Game Arrow, Rare Timer, Global Item Inventorying and Character information.
Title Tools File:TitleTools.PNG 1.0 2016-01-19 Mania A Plugin that Changes AC's window title to the players name on login.
New!.gif TreeStats File:TreeStats Screen Shot.jpg 1.2.1 2016/08/07 Kolthar TreeStats uploads information about characters you log into with the plugin running, such as: General information (Name, race, level, etc.), Attributes, skills, and titles, Augmentations, ratings, and other miscellaneous information.
Trophy Hunter Trophy Hunter Screen Shot.jpg 2007-02-03   Keeps track of kills and the trophies that you pick up.
Virindi Armor Color Tool File:Virindi Armor Color Tool Screen Shot.png 2013-18-12 Virindi Inquisitor A Virindi Views replacement for DCS.
Virindi Booter Virindi Booter Screen Shot.jpg   Virindi Inquisitor Cycles through an allegiance bootlist.
Virindi Chat System 5 Image.jpg 2012-10-09 Virindi Inquisitor A reimplementation of the classic VCS, allowing custom filters for ingame as well as bundle plugin text.
Virindi Follower Virindi Follower Screen Shot.jpg   Virindi Inquisitor Auto-follow plugin. Works well in dungeons.
Virindi Global Inventory Virindi Tank Screen Shot.png 2015-02-12 Virindi Inquisitor An Global Inventory plugin. Only available in the Virindi Bundle.
Virindi Hotkey System Virindi Integrator 2 Screen Shot.jpg 2012-09-20 Virindi Inquisitor A Virindi Views-capable replacement for Decal Hotkey System.. Also available as part of the Virindi Bundle.
Virindi HUDs Image.jpg 2015-02-20 Virindi Inquisitor Provides a number of Virindi Views HUDs for use with various bundle plugins.
Virindi Item Tool Virindi Item Tool Screen Shot.png 2015-02-24 Virindi Inquisitor Automates handing large numbers of identical items to a player or NPC.
Virindi Integrator2 Virindi Integrator 2 Screen Shot.jpg 2013-07-28 Virindi Inquisitor Allows communication between characters on different servers, custom fellows, and dungeon and game object mapping. Only available in the Virindi Bundle.
Virindi Logovideoblocker Image.jpg   Virindi Inquisitor Prevents the Turbine logo video from playing when the game starts.
Virindi OCS Virindi OCS Screenshot.png   Virindi Inquisitor Assists in the use of old spell components, by tracking burn and purchasing the correct ratio of components.
Virindi Reporter Virindi Reporter Screen Shot.png   Virindi Inquisitor Reports XP/h and time to next level to AC chatbox.
Virindi Sense Image.jpg 2012-09-20 Virindi Inquisitor A 6th-sense style plugin for Virindi Views.
Virindi Tank Virindi Tank Screen Shot.png 2015-04-22 Virindi Inquisitor An ACM-oriented tank plugin. Only available in the Virindi Bundle.
Virindi View Service File:Virindi View Service Screen Shot.png 2013-08-15 Virindi Inquisitor .
Virindi Window Tool Virindi Window Tool Screen Shot.png 2013-07-21 Virindi Inquisitor Virindi Window Tool lets you make profiles of the location and size of windows, and apply them later. It works for both VVS windows and the new AC floating UIs. All visible VVS windows are saved by the profile, including non-pinned windows.
Virindi XPHelper Virindi XPHelper Screen Shot.png 2013-03-04 Virindi Inquisitor Calculates how much your str/end/etc should cost based on the costs of your skills.
WandMonkey Image.jpg 2011-01-03 -lino- Uses a wand spell on a target repeatedly. Good for keeping brilliance on a tinkerer during rare sessions.
Xnuchat Xnuchat Screen Shot.jpg 2012-01-22 If you are a person who has a great deal of desktop space and would like your chat to be off the AC 3d window that is what Xnuchat will do for you.
YMCA YMCA Screen Shot.jpg 2.9.0 2008-10-01 Ftuoil Xelrash A plugin to alert you when a villa opens up for rent.
  • NB: 'Author' is the person currently maintaining the plugin (or the last known if it's discontinued), and may not be the original author.
  • Silos Toy Box is a site that also has a listing of old plugins that Silos site hosts, use these at your own risk as the safety of these links cannot be guaranteed.

Standalone Programs

Stand alone programs are helper and utility programs that do not require decal to operate.

Name Screen Version Last Update Author Description
AC Companion AC Companion Screen Shot.png 2011-12-16 Flipo AC Companion is an application that allows you to view your Asheron's Call toon's entire inventory. AC Companion will also allow you to View, Sort and go crazy with all the inventory information available.
AC Dual Client beta ACDC Screen Shot.gif 7.2.3 2013-04-16 Drakier ACDC allows you to run more than one Asheron's Call client on the same PC at the same time.
AC Explorer AC Explorer Screen Shot.gif 3.41 2005-11-21 Zuggsoft A map based utility for exploring the world of Dereth. Both free and purchasable versions.
AC Icon Browser AC Icon Browser Screen Shot.png   Digero AC Icon Browser lets you quickly browse and export the icons available in AC's client_portal.dat file.
AC Mapper AC Mapper 1.9 Screen Shot.gif 1.9.1 2011-07-20 Tlosk A tile based mapping utility for creating rough drafts of AC dungeon maps.
AC Multi Client AC Multi Client Screen Shot.jpg 2.0.2 2014-09-14 Losado A utility used to launch multiple AC clients.
AC Multi Client Setup Guide on YouTube
ACDATExplorer ACDATExplorer Screen Shot.gif 2007-01-12 Todd D. Perlmutter This tool provides a means to look at the internals of an Asheron's Call DAT file.
ACQLaunch AC Quick Launch Screen Shot.png 2012-04-15 Flipo This is an application that allow you to quickly log in your toon.

Manages all your AC accounts and toons. Option to Auto start Decal on launch. Crash Recovery for your bots. option for Login protection to this application. All account info is Encrypted.

AERO'S Asheron's Call Calculator AERO'S Asherons Call Calculator.png 1.219 2012-03-15 Aero A Character progression calculator for Asheron's Call.
ArrowHead Bundle Calculator ArrowheadCalculator.png 2.20 Flynn A page created for calculating the cost of making a Wrapped Bundle of Arrowheads.
New!.gif Asheron's Call Character Planner File:Asheron's Call Character Planner.jpg 1.5.0 2016-03-28 mudzereli A Character Planner for Asheron's Call.
Connor's Nifty Crafts Guide Connor's Nifty Crafts Guide Screen Shot.jpg 8.0 2010-19-2 Connor the Craftmaster This is a modification that allows you to press F1 within the game to access the contents of Connor's Nifty Craft Guide. Includes many bits of info often looked up by players in an easy to use pictorial format such as a VIII spells guide, useful recipes and data for all tradeskills, craft quests, and more! Now includes Gearcrafting.
Dereth Explorer beta Image.jpg 2009-04-21 XyberS0uL of Frostfell A Navigation Tool for Asheron's Call.
Dereth Information Image.jpg A fully functional and searchable Map for Asheron's Call.
Endy's Tinkering Calculator Endy's Tinkering Calculator Screen Shot.png 2.3.2 2013-03-23 Endy Endy's Tinkering Calculator is a stand alone program for calculating tinkering success rates for the mmorpg game Asheron's Call.
Mag-SuitBuilder Mag-SuitBuilder Screen Shot.jpg 2.0.11 2015-01-26 Mag-nus This is a standalone windows application that can help you put together a suit of armor.
Plugin Template Image.jpg 1.0 2011-08-03 -lino- If you want to write your own decal plugin, Lino updated and slightly extended Wolfs Plugin Framework∞ for Visual Studio. You can find Lino's version at∞ - it works with both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.
The Quick and Dirty Skill Planner for Asheron's Call Image.jpg 1.0 2012-03-14 Lino I couldn't find any character planner that supports the new skills etc, so I wrote a small web-based tool to do just that.
Virindi View Cleanup Tool File:Virindi Views Tool Screen Shot.jpg 1.0 2013-07-28 Virindi Inquisitor Fixed issues with Virindi Plugins registry entries.
Wiki Swiss Tool Wiki Swiss Tool 1.05.png 1.6 2009-07-13 Tlosk Crops images and manipulates text to speed wiki contributions.

Abandoned and Discontinued Plugins

If development is continued or an inactive site becomes available again, move the entry to the main list, updating information as needed.

Name Screen Version Last Update Author Description
ACSkillCalc ACSkillCalc Screen Shot.png 1.1.0 2012-12-18 mudzereli A Skill Calculator for Asheron's Call.
Alinco Alinco Screen Shot.jpg   Rhesus Plugin features several enhancements to AC, including view screen enhancements and mob/item identification.
Alinco3 Alinco3 Screen Shot.jpg 2010-10-25 Losado New version of Alinco that does not require Alinco Filters - Plugin features several enhancements to AC, including view screen enhancements and mob/item identification including epics.
Alinco3 Alinco3 Screen Shot.jpg 2012-02-02 irquk The Alinco3 plugin features several enhancements to AC, including view screen enhancements and mob/item identification including Epics.
Alinco Buffs Image.jpg   Losado This is a simple buffing plugin. When you have Alinco loaded, it adds the buff stats to the hud. Most recent site inactive,[1]Old Site.
Alinco3 Buffs Image.jpg 2010-10-25 Losada New version of Alinco Buffs that does not require Alinco Filters and is fast and efficient.
Allegiance Scanner Image.jpg   Gawa Utility for mapping out allegiance trees in Asheron's Call.
Ammo Gimp Ammogimp Screen Shot.jpg 2012-03-15 Losado A plugin for archers that automatically equips arrows.
(This plugin no longer works as of Feb 2012 Patch).
Archery Mode ArcheryMode Screen Shot.jpg   Losado This plugin displays the status of what mode your bow is in.
Asheron's Call Character Planner Image.jpg 1.4.0 2014-10-21 mudzereli A Character Planner for Asheron's Call.
Bot Shopper Image.jpg       Allows you to easily purchase items from a tradebot.
Combater 2 Image.jpg   Lonewolf Chat filtering. Plugin development stopped June 2008, may or may not work with most recent decal release.
Call It! Call It Screen Shot.png 1.0.0 2007-11-02 Gouru Plugin to assist colosseum quest leaders.
Cast It! Image.jpg 1.0.2 2008-01-07 Gouru Buffing - Mage combat assistance.
Catch It! Image.jpg 2007-01-06 Gouru Allows for automated fishing to get titles and wasting time.
CraftBot Image.jpg 1.0.2730.12 2007-06-23 Paraduck Tinkering and Craft bot.
DCS DCS V2 Screen Shot.jpg   Lonewolf Outputs the color of armor without having to wear it. Plugin development stopped June 2008, may or may not work with most recent decal release. Here is a sortable DCS Color Table.
DIRCx DIRCx Screen Shot.jpg 2.9.0 2008-01-10 Ftuoil Xelrash .
Find It! Image.jpg 2.9.7   Gouru Loot inspection, looting, monster finding, some navigation aids.
Fog Fog Thirst Screen Shot.png 2009-04-30 Ftuoil Xelrash .
GoArrow (VVS Edition) GoArrow VVS Screen Shot.png 2011-08-28 Virindi Inquisitor Displays an arrow on your screen that points towards coordinates that you specify. Also has dungeon and landscape maps, and routefinding. See GoArrow Tips for some basic instructions and tips.
Gleaner Image.jpg 2013-24-02 irquk Gleaner is a A loot logger which pretty much logs everything with any type of randomly generated loot statistics.
HWACStats HWACStats Screen Shot.jpg 2007-10-27 Riaf Nayr Uploads character stats to website for online viewing and comparing against other characters.
IronVsGranite Image.jpg 2009-09-07 -lino- Gives advice on how much iron and granite you should use on a melee weapon for maximum damage.
ItemPropertyViewe Image.jpg ?.?.?.? 2010-12-25 Virindi Inquisitor The ItemPropertyViewer plugin is obsolete. I now tell people to use the "/vt propertydump" command in VTank to get item properties.
Mag-LootLogger Beta Image.jpg 2012-07-20 Mag-nus Just logs weapons from the chests you open to a csv file located in MyDocuments\Decal Plugins\Mag-LootLogger.
Make It! Image.jpg 5.9.7   Gouru Crafting utility.
Make It! (VVS Edition) beta Make It Screen Shot.jpg   Gouru Crafting utility.
Mob Tracker Spawn Map Viewer Mob Tracker Spawn Map Viewer Screen Shot.gif 2008-09-09 Yew Wan Sum Zoomable color maps showing spawn locations of terrain spawning creatures.
Mouse Wheel 2 Image.jpg 2006-06-12 Paradox Allows users to use the mouse wheel to perform tasks in game.
Mule Trade It! Mule Trade It Screen shot.jpg 0.0.368   Gouru Tradebot.
Players Online Image.jpg       Displays the amount of users online when you sign in.
Plugin Manager Image.jpg 2005-11-06 Paradox Manage which plugins load up for specific characters.
Quick Buff Image.jpg   2006-12-08 Paradox Nerfus Buffus style buffing plugin.
Quick Cast Image.jpg 2006-12-19 Paradox Simple Smart Caster.
RareExchanger Image.jpg   2009-04-09 Paraduck Automates handing in mmds/rares and features in-game configuration and statistics.
RareTracker Image.jpg 2006-12-18 Paraduck Tracks rares and sends information to a server for general statistics.
Scroll Watcher Image.jpg  
Sort It! Image.jpg 5.9.6 2006-06-11 Gouru Pack management, auto-equipping, and shortcut commands.
Time and Experience Image.jpg 2006-06-09 Paradox Simple HUD based clock and xp tracker.
Tworocks Shortcuts Tworocks Shortcuts Screen Shot.jpg   Riaf Nayr Shortcuts for common commands and buff bot shortcuts.
Tworocks Travels Image.jpg   Riaf Nayr A travel plugin.
VMT Image.jpg 2007-10-12 Verrigan Allows you to do many things, including sell all of your loot without having to worry about selling the items you want to keep.
XPender Image.jpg   2006-12-08 Paradox This plugin shortcuts dumping xp into attribs/vitals/skills so that you don't have to keep clicking on the triangle.