Savao Island

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Introduced:  Should the Stars Fall Related Quests:  The Shard of the Herald (Live Event)
Savao or Shadow Governess' Isle


This isle played a part in the Should the Stars Fall Live Event when the Shadow Governess appeared there yielding one part of the Silver Key that would open the way to the Shard of the Herald.

Technically part of the Vesayen Isles, the Shadow Governess' Isle isn't reachable by normal means. It was only accessible via a level 1-25 restricted portal cast by Shadow Children during the Herald event and then mistakenly up until the Spring's Sorrows event when it was patched out.

Notes from AC Explorer 2.2

  • "Just another shadow spire doing its thing and making those weird noises. there are also 8 small shadow childs. its off a small island that didn't have anything that was noticable of interest just the many shadow childs running around on it near the spire. Couldn't have been found with the help of my Big bro 'Tealian the Magical' and his friend 'Rota the Fruitloop' " -- Mookie Bear
  • "At the peak of the island there are five level 15 Shadow Children gathered around one level 58 Shadow Governess. Anybody wanna help me get off this thing?" -- Bugwanna 12/9/2000
  • "Found the way off. Go along the beach toward the spire. At the corner of the island is a portal to Kryst guarded by one small shadow child. Portal dumps you right close to the mage shop on Kryst." -- BugWanna 12/21/2000
  • "How do you get on the island? I haven't succeeded coming from either the east or the west." -- Doc Feelgood 12/25/2000
  • Only way i know to get here is by killing a Shadow Child and having them summon a portal to it on death..." -- Siergen 1/24/2001
  • "Anyone know if u can reach this portal to tie to Kryst via Vesalyn Islands?" -- Christian 1/31/2001
  • "Only static portal I know of to get here is at 61.7n, 48.6e, nice long run north of Holtburg" -- Satsujinki 4/22/2001


"It's secretly named after Savo, a volcanic cinder cone off the northwest coast of Guadalcanal that several major sea battles were fought around in WWII." <ref></ref>


Live Event Items

Split Silver Key Icon.png Split Silver Key



Shadow Icon.png Shadow