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Osteth Training Camps

"Strong breeds of creatures have long been known to bully lesser ones. Consider the reed sharks many Tumeroks train as “guard dogs.” Banderlings, then, may have learned to do the very same. From somewhere in Osteth, reports have come of mosswarts gathered under the banner of banderling camp chieftains."

"Those hunters looking for greater numbers of kills -- and resulting high rewards in experience -- would do well to seek out the monster training camps. The six currently in Osteth will surely prove a formidable task for any mid-level party of heroes."<ref name=gathering>10/27/00 Hollow Victory - A Gathering of Monsters</ref>

Camp Location Creatures Items
33.7N, 13.5E - Monster Training Camp Banderling Captain,
Mosswart Chief,
Barker Mosswart,
Mosswart Shaman,
Mudlurk Mosswart
Banderling Orders Icon.png Banderling Orders
36.9N, 47.1E - Monster Training Camp
12.1S, 69.0E - Monster Training Camp
36.2S, 54.4E - Monster Training Camp
47.3S 76.6E - Creature Camps (formerly a training camp)

Direlands Training Camps

"Far more troubling may well be word of similar activities taking place on the Obsidian Plain. There, Virindi Masters are said to be marshalling hollow minions, tusker guards, and drudge raveners into fearsome legions."

"The four, far more dangerous camps in the Direlands, however, should not be faced by any but the most veteran of groups. While the dangers of these training camps continue to threaten the land, the work of such hunters is more in need than ever. To refuse the challenge is but to bring risk to all!"<ref name=gathering/>

Camp Location Creatures
29.3S, 56.0W - Monster Training Camp Gloom Drudges,
Terebrous Hollow Minion,
Virindi Observer
81.0S, 58.0W - Monster Training Camp
61.9S, 60.1W - Monster Training Camp Drudge Cabalists,
Peerless Drudges,
Terebrous Hollow Minion,
Virindi Consul
71.3S, 65.5W - Monster Training Camp

Fiery Weapon Camps

Camp Location Fiery Weapons
65.0N, 3.0W - Banderling Camp Fire Spear Icon.png Fire Spear
38.2N, 7.1E - Banderling Tower
43.9N, 25.1E - Banderling Camp Quarter Staff of Fire Icon.png Quarter Staff of Fire
Arwic Mines

Ordinary Monster Camps