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Mar'uun Live.jpg

Map Dereth Point

"The Drifter's home"


The portal to the town appeared during the Unfinished Business event. It was home to some researchers and Shopkeepers. During the Who Watches the Virindi? event, two Virindi guests appeared in the bar, making the Shopkeepers feel uncomfortable.

The Destruction of Mar'uun

The town lies in ruins since the Old Ghosts event.
The Town portal at 10.6S, 17.1E is still there.
Two human NPCs simply disappeared (Jinmi the Alchemist and Kaywin the Machinist), but there are 2 corpses near the Test Portal (Marcus and Wren, the Portal Researchers?) and corpses where the Shopkeepers Rubin (Barkeep), Jurraf (Jeweler), Aishi (Smith) and Ali (Bowyer), Khamal (Groceries), and Malak (Archmage) were.
Of the two Virindi guests, Jean and Luc, there is no trace...
The Test Portal is still there, but doesn't function.

You try to enter the portal but there is no effect.
The portal seems unstable.

Also the Stabilizing Machine is still there. The door is now barricaded, but you can access it by going up near the Test Portal, and shift-jump down into a small gap in the floor.
On the floor, there is a Scrap of Paper (Attuned and Bonded).

Portal Research and Traveling back in Time

During the Picking up the Pieces event, Resonant Portals became a random spawn on the landscape of the West Direlands (white portal). If you picked up a Scrap of Paper, you can travel back in time before the destruction of Mar'uun. All the NPCs are there, and you will have the choice to tell them about the upcoming events. (see Portal Space Research for details).


To Mar'uun

  • From Al-Arqas, take the Al-Nosaj portal at 33.5S, 13.1E.
  • The Resonant Portal takes you to versions of Mar'uun from the past.
Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Resonant Portal -- Mar'uun 10.6S, 17.1E --

From Mar'uun

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Mar'uun 10.6S, 17.1E Surface 10.6S, 17.1E --
Mar'uun 10.6S, 17.1E Xarabydun -- --


NPC Name Location Type Details
Archmage Malak ibn Hern first intersection, go either E or W, keep going N Shopkeeper Magic Supplies
Barkeep Rubin directly at drop Shopkeeper Food, Drink, Rumors
Bowyer Ali ibn Mahir directly S from drop Shopkeeper Fletching Items
Grocer Khamal al-Rachard first intersection, go E past Surface portal Shopkeeper Food, Cooking Supplies
Jeweler Jurraf al-Djiqidh (Mar'uun) second floor near drop Shopkeeper Gems, Jewelry
Jinmi al-Evv first intersection, go W past Xarabydun portal Shopkeeper Magic & Alchemist Supplies (Master Alchemist)
Smith Aisha bint Karal directly S from drop Shopkeeper Armor, Weapons
Kaywin first intersection, go either E or W, keep going N, past the portal researchers, through 2 doors Quest Machinist's Gloves Quest
Marcus Manfried first intersection, go either E or W, keep going N Quest Portal Space Research
Wren the Curious first intersection, go either E or W, keep going N Quest Portal Space Research
Jean directly at drop Miscellaneous --
Luc directly at drop Miscellaneous --

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