Custom Quests and Dungeons/Areas on Infinite Leaftide

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The 3 Generals

Take out the 3 Generals that have been raiding the towns! To begin speak with Tous deLoc in Sanamar at 72.0N 60.8W. Kill the 3 unique leaders and loot a trophy from their corpse at the following locations:

  1. Ayan Baqur - 59.9S 89.9W
    1. Zaos Sarqen - Soul Reaver
  2. Candeth Keep - 86.6S 66.7W
    1. High Priestess Dalinne - Isparians Bane
  3. Fort Tethana - 0.1N 71.9W
    1. Rogue General Rycroft - Empowered Soulblade

Return all three items to Tous deLoc in Sanamar for your rewards!
Rewards: Luminance, XP, Legendary Key (25 Use), and an Enlightenment Token

Lost Relics

Talk to Master Arthon in Holtburg at 42.4N 33.7E for starting lore and a quest stamp! Head to each of the 8 towns mentioned and talk to the custom NPC (optional). Go out and kill each of the leaders and loot the lost lore item (note that each item has a decay timer of approximately 6.5 hours!). Return each of the items to the corresponding NPC for Lum, XP, Legendary Key (25 use), 10 MMDs, and 5 Enlightened Coins

Bloodstone Excavation

Investigate the Undead Pirates and their search for Bloodstone!

  1. Head to Hebian-To and talk to Dalomar at 39.1S 83.0E to begin your adventure. Dalomar will give you a Tempered Vial which you will use later -
    1. Run to the Bloodstone Excavation Site at 38.7S 87.5E
      1. Navigate through the linear first portion of the dungeon and into the caves. Once in the caves area, loot 3 Harvested Bloodstone Chunks from the Bloodstone Miners or Protectors (100% drop rate).
      2. While in the Caves, search for and kill Foreman Skippy who will spawn in a random dead-end of the caves. Loot Sanjo's Orders from Foreman Skippy.
      3. Once you have 3 Harvested Bloodstone Chunks and Sanjo's Orders, return to Dalomar in Hebian-To
    2. Combine the Tempered Vial with each of the Harvested Bloodstone Chunks to create a Filled Bloodstone Chunk
    3. Hand the Filled Bloodstone and Sanjo's Orders to Dalomar
    4. Talk to Dalomar again after giving him Sanjo's Orders to obtain Captains Quarter Key (6 hour decay timer; 5 use)
    5. Head to the Pirate Ship at 37.4S 86.8E
      1. Use the Captains Quarter Key on the Captains Quarters Door to take on Old Gregg and Chief Engineer Sanjo
      2. Kill Old Gregg and loot the Captain's Key
        1. Use the Captain's Key on The Captains Booty chest in the Quarters room
          1. Loot the Tempered Carving Knife and the Captain's Treasure (use the Treasure to obtain 25 MMDs)
        2. Use the Tempered Carving Knife on the Unstable Bloodstone in the Quarters room to obtain an Unstable Bloodstone Chunk (10 minute decay timer)
      3. If interested in lore, kill Chief Engineer Sanjo and loot Correspondence to Admiral Advan
      4. Once you have the Unstable Bloodstone and Correspondence to Admiral Advan, return to Dalomar in Hebian-To
    6. Hand Dalomar the Unstable Bloodstone to obtain a Stable Bloodstone Chunk (20 minute decay timer)
    7. Take the Stable Bloodstone Chunk to Asheron at Asheron's Castle
      1. Give Asheron the Stable Bloodstone Chunk to obtain an Imbued Bloodstone Chunk


  1. Filled Bloodstone Vial to Dalomar: Luminance and XP
  2. Unstable Bloodstone to Dalomar: Stable Bloodstone Chunk, 2 Enlightenment Tokens, Luminance, and XP
  3. Stable Bloodstone Chunk to Asheron: Luminance and Imbued Bloodstone Chunk (Apply to a loot generated weapon or wand to increase damage by 5; Attuned/Bonded)

Jumping Mischief

Test your jumping skills! Start by talking to the Jumping Greeter in Arwic at 33.6N 56.8E then access Mountainside Mischief for 7 Levels of Jumping Fun!!!

  • Rewards include Enlighten Coins (100 for completing level 1, 200 for completing level 2, etc.), QB at each stage, and a custom bracelet for completing all 7!
  • Each stage has a jumping expert that provides a quick recall back to the start of the stage should you fall...which you will do... a lot.

Flat Auberean

Visit the Babbling Traveller at 44.9N 36.4E near Wicked Wares to hear of how Auberean is flat!

  1. Collect the 4 Notes:
    1. Stonehold to Regina Cottages Settlement - Run East to the middle of lake - 53.4N 16.2W and collect Waterlogged Note
    2. Kara to Lake Thrasyl Settlement - Run NE to peak of mountain - 69.1S 44.6E and collect the Windswept Scroll
    3. Sub to Mid-Direlands - Run N/NW to 34.4S 68.5W and collect the Shredded Parchment
    4. Mount Lethe Magma Tubes Portal - In the lava from the second bridge (first right, then hug the left wall) - Collect the Ashen Manuscript
  2. Combine Notes 1 and 2, then 3 to Combine, then 4 to Combine. Return the note to the Babbling Traveller
  3. Travel to the Empyrean Mine - Al-Jalima to Tusker Notch Settlement - Run N/NE to 38.3N 10.1E
    1. Work your way to the 3 Empyrean Bosses. Kill any one of them and loot An Empyrean Message
      1. Use Melee on Empyrean Apparition
      2. Use Missile on Empyrean Shade
      3. Use War (and Void DoTs) on Empyrean Spectre
  4. Return to Babbling Traveller and turn in An Empyrean Message

Rewards: 60 Enlightened Coins and 3 Enlightened Tokens

Sacrificial Request

  1. Requires 75 item augmentations to enter!
  2. Speak with Isaac at 45.0N,37.2E, by the Wicked Wares Shop.
  3. Enter the dungeon at 44.7N,37.2E.
  4. Option 1 (Kill Vicky)
    1. Speak with He Who Lives Behind the Row in the big room inside the dungeon. He will give you He Who Lives Behind the Row's Warning telling you to complete your task.
    2. Kill Vicky and loot Heart of Vicky.
    3. Return Heart to Isaac.
  5. Option 2 (Kill He Who Lives Behind the Row)
    1. Speak with Vicky in the South Room. She will give you Vicky's Plea asking you to kill He Who Lives Behind the Row.
    2. Kill He Who Lives Behind the Row and loot He Who Lives Behind the Row's Essence.
    3. Return Essence to Isaac

Quest is a Daily repeat, complete both options to get full stamps.

  • Rewards Luminance/xp as well as 20 Enlightened Coins and 3 enlightenment tokens.
  • Hint All forms of combat are strongly suggested.

Luminance Gambling

Visit the Night Club in Crater to gamble that Luminance away! Talk to a Gamemaster in the disco room to gamble 50k Lum each time!
Potential Rewards:

  • All Rares (weapons, armor, healing kits, dyes, etc), excluding the skill/attribute rare gems
  • Complete Tusker and Lugian Slayer Gems
  • Durable Legendary Key
  • Boxed Augmentation Gem
  • Level 2 War/Void Ring Scrolls
  • XP Items: Olthoi Slasher/Slayer Carapaces, Lugian
  • Alt Currencies: Colosseum Coin, Gauntlet Coin, Infused Amber Shards, Corrupted Amber Shards, Promissory Note
  • Trophies: Burning Coals, Gambling Tokens, Encapsulated Spirit, Black Market Dispel Gem, Graveyard Cards, Chorizite Potions, Pyreal Bars, Trinkets, Desiccants, MMD
  • Spell Comps: Mana Scarab, Diamond Scarab, Prismatic Pea

Slayer Gems

  • Tusker
    • Destroy Darker Bobo in WJ BSD and loot a Hollow Tusker Slayer Gem
    • Buy a Slayer Essence from Slayer Essence Vendor in Linvak Tukal (in front of you at drop) for 50 Enlightened Coins
    • Combine Slayer Essence and Hollow Slayer Gem
    • With 500 Million Luminance in your Bank, give the Slayer Gem to Master of Slayers in Arwic (near Monroe)
    • Apply the Completed Gem of Tusker Slaying to a loot generated weapon. NOTE: This will set the item with the Wield requirement of the Player
  • Lugian
    • Kill Gotrok Lead Hand in Hills Citadel and loot a Hollow Lugian Slayer Gem
      • Take all rights from Hills drop.
    • Buy a Slayer Essence from Slayer Essence Vendor in Linvak Tukal (in front of you at drop) for 50 Enlightened Coins
    • With 500 Million Luminance in your Bank, give the Slayer Gem to Master of Slayers in Arwic (near Monroe)
    • Apply the Completed Gem of Lugian Slaying to a loot generated weapon. NOTE: This will set the item with the Wield requirement of the Player

Wicked Wares

Visit Wicked Wares for all sorts of custom items! Portal to his store is located in Arwic at 33.6N 56.8E. Come spend those Enlightened Coins on Armor, Pets, Clothing, Weapons, Recalls, Wands, and More!!!

Black Spawn Den (BSD)

AB (Level Req 140+) - Tusker Menace

Wai-Jhou (OP) (Level Req 140+) - Enraged Stomper

Teth (Level Req 225+) - Nasty Brass Monkey

  • Luminance Augs Recommendations: 100 Creature, 60 Item, and 50 Life

Dark Design

DD (Level Req 200+) - Mosswart Gods

  • Luminance Augs Recommendations: 150 Creature, 100 Item, and 50 Life

Egg Orchard

EO (Level Req 140+) - Faster and Increased spawns of Olthoi Slashers, Slayers, and Rippers

EO East (Level Req 140+) - Augmented Swarm Demons - No Slashers, Slayers, or Rippers

EO West (Level Req 180+) - Augmented Eviscerators - They are harder than the Swarm Demons and also spray lightning

  • Luminance Augs Recommendation: 40 Creature, 20 Item, and 20 Life

Lugian Citadels

Wilderness (Level Req 140+) - Gotrok Behemoth

  • Fast respawn great for fresh start farming luminance

Hills (Level Req 180+) - Gotrok Destroyers

  • can Survive with minimum Luminance Augs: 50 Creature, 10 Life recommended

Desert (Level Req 500+) - Feral Lugians

  • Luminance Augs Recommendations: 200 Creature, 130 Item, and 50 Life

Ridge (Level Req 700+) - Lugianators

  • Luminance Augs Recommendations: 450+ Creature, 150+ Item, and 70+ Life

Incunabula Vault

Forbidden Crypts

  • Undead Librarians
  • Luminance Augs Recommendations: 250+ Creature, 150+ Item, and 50+ Life

Tusker Barracks

  • Spawn rate increased drastically to make it more viable.


Vissidal has Tier 7 loot profiles, increased XP, and small amount of Luminance per kill.

Dark Isle

It's dark! Monsters are more challenging! Tier 8 loot, increased XP, and Luminance per kill.

Kill Tasks

  • Olthoi Slayers (Level 120+) - Eastwatch
  • Olthoi Slashers (Level 120+) - Eastwatch
  • Augmented Swarm Demons - Eastwatch
  • Tusker Menaces - Oolatunga's Refuge
  • Enraged Stompers - Oolatunga's Refuge
  • Gotrok Behemoths - Linvak Tukal
  • Gotrok Destroyers - Linvak Tukal

Rewards include an Enlightened Coin for each KT


  1. Dungeon Mei contains fast spawning Augmented Eviscerators. Level req 180+
  2. Forbidden Crypts outside Al-Jalima has been updated
  3. Underground Forest contains Drudge Predators
  4. Tusker Barracks has an faster spawn rate
  5. Frozen Valley has increased spawns and loot
  6. Tou-Tou has increased loot
  7. Neftet has increased spawns
  8. Creepy Canyon has faster spawn rate
  9. Matron Hives (North, South, West, East) have faster spawn rates