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Pyreal coin is the standard currency in Dereth. Pyreal is an alloy, made up of gold and raw mana. Originally, the pyreal coins used by Isparian were relics of the Yalain society. Later on, the seal on the coins were changed from the simple crown to the Asheron's Call logo. These were, in lore terms, newly minted pyreal coins, created by Elysa Strathelar for use in New Aluvia. This can be seen by the Viamontian town criers occasionally commenting on the mark the coin bears.

Trade Notes, Standard Denominations
Trade Note (100) Trade Note (500) Trade Note (1,000) Trade Note (5,000) Trade Note (10,000)
Trade Note (50,000) Trade Note (100,000) Trade Note (150,000) Trade Note (200,000) Trade Note (250,000)
Trade Notes, Uncommon Denominations
Trade Note (15,000) Trade Note (20,000) Trade Note (25,000) Trade Note (75,000)


  • They are now stackable.
  • They now have a flat 15% mark-up price at initial purchase.
  • There is no longer a penalty when selling trade notes to a vendor who did not create the initial note.
  • Value is now displayed in the Trade Note name.
  • Vendors will no longer drop pyreals on the ground when cashing a Trade Note while your packs are full. Instead, you'll receive the message, "You are too encumbered to sell that!"
  • In Winter's Knight stack size for notes was raised from 100 to 250 and burden was dropped to zero.
  • Later, the burden for notes was raised to one.
  • The Arcanum Broker is the only vendor that sells the uncommon CL, CC, CCL, & DCCL trade note denominations.

Alternative Currencies


In the Lost City of Neftet event two NPCs were added that allow you to convert some alternative currencies into others (at a loss).

Higashiyama Akako Absalom Sarraf
►► 5.0x 10x ►►
►► 2.0x 4 x ►►
►► 2.0x 4 x ►►
►► 1.0x 2 x ►►
►► 0.5x 1 x ►►

Society Currencies

PVP Currencies

Trade Currencies

Over the years players have used a variety of in game items as currency to trade amongst themselves. For the most part these items have had great intrinsic worth, similar to gold in the real world. However some items have continued to be used as currency after their worth as a usable item has declined because they are rare. There have been differences across servers both in the items used and in their relative value.

While there are many items might be traded, the list below reflects items that were universally accepted in trading (or nearly so), and enjoyed at least many months if not years of wide spread use amongst players.

Trade Note (50,000)

The D note was the first large note to be used regularly for trading or for services (such as requesting a portal to subway or Qalaba'r).

Pyreal Motes

Dropped by various types of Golem, Pyreal Motes appeared in the first year of AC and were initially used in the creation of the once powerful and much sought-after Atlan Weapons - making them a popular trade currency.

Motes are now mainly used in the forging of the improved, and more widely used, Isparian Weapons, as well as in the creation of Alchemy Gems.

Small Shards

Widely used currency in the first two years of AC due to the popularity of Shadow Armor built by the Armor Smiths. The armor was crafted after fusing crystal shards such as Small Shards together and combining the result with Shadow Fragments.
While the armor is no longer sought after, the shards are now used for the Asheron's Tower Guardian quest which rewards good xp and an Aegis shield with decent AL.

Sturdy Iron Keys

Sturdy Iron Keys or SIKs for short are used to unlock two types of chest: Sturdy Iron Chests and Steel Chests. Sturdy Iron Chests -- once dubbed "Uber Chests" because of the top tier loot contained within -- now only contain lower tier 4 Loot while the latter Steel Chests contain spell scrolls and are still used by mages to find their needed Wall and Ring Spells. The SIK chests can be found all over Dereth in various dungeons and points of interest. The steel chests, however, only appear randomly on the Direlands landscape.

Singularity Keys

Used to unlock Singularity Troves which once used to contain top tier Loot. Changes to the loot tiers and the introduction of new treasure chests have resulted in the keys no longer being a form of currency. Singularity keys are now mainly used in the Major Prismatic Stone Quest and uncarved Virindi Singularity Keys can be given to Aun Mareura the Collector for some rewards.

Sturdy Steel Keys

Also known as SSKs for short, Sturdy Steel Keys are used to unlock the Sturdy Steel Chests found only in the West Direlands as a random spawn and in a few other fixed locations.

While the keys are not currently used as a trade currency, the steel chests contain tier 6 Loot (7 being top tier). The chests are also slightly different to standard chests in that each chest pull has the chance to have 0-2 Princely Runed and/or Royal Runed Weapons.

These weapons can be very useful and are only restricted by level (100+ for princely, 120+ for royal). The weapons randomly cast Gossamer Flesh on hits while the magic casters cast Futility with a decent Spellcraft. As of the the Shifting Tactics event, any unneeded Runed Weapons can now be given in for up to 10 million xp.

Trade Note (250,000)

Before MMDs were intoduced, M notes were the common currency among players. But, in July 2002, MMDs became the popular currency and still continue to be in use to the present day. Turbine has added several money sinks to help remove excess MMDs, including Casinos, Tailoring, Rare Exchanger, Component Exchanger, Spell Components, and Grenades.

In the Shedding Skin patch the loot profiles of many indoor creatures was altered to allow the addition of Aetheria, a side effect of this change was Turbine fixed a long standing issue where these creatures dropped a level of scarab peas that was never intended. Many players used these as a source of income and complained loudly about the large decline in the number of MMDs they could earn.

Marble and Granite Keys

Used when the Valley of Death was the place to go for advanced players. Creatures in VoD were high health, high xp and dropped twisted and mangled pieces that could be repaired to form chest keys. The Reinforced Mahogany and Oaken chests that the keys unlocked were also found in the valley and contained loot useful to the types of characters that could hunt there.

Rare Gems

Tier 1 and 2 rare gems are the most common rares to drop and even the lowest level characters can find them on defeated creatures. However, some rares are more useful than others and as such can be sold for many more MMDs. This includes rares that raise the defensive skills, tinkering skills and a few others.

Due to the introduction of the Rare Exchanger, players can now gamble the less sought-after rares for better gems and even a chance at a Grand Casino Key. It should be noted, however, that it's a gamble and the cost is 2 MMDs per go.

Mana Forge Keys

Used to open up Mana Forge Chests that hold Tier 7 Loot and VIII spell components.

Grand Casino Key

Used to unlock the Grand Casino Chests, the GCKs are acquired mostly through Gambling and a few quests. Like the Mana Forges, the grand chests can generate tier 7 Loot but they can also contain the next lower tier also. However, unlike the Mana Forges, they contain other useful items such as Alt. Currencies, Luminance Gems, Foolproof salvage and even MFKs.

Although the keys are Attuned and Bonded and cannot be given, players have been known to sell "pulls" to the grand chest. The keys are also found attached to the giveable Grand Casino Golden Keyring acquired as a rare or obtained with a Writ of Apology.