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Masks, guises and other fancy dress items that tend to have very low or no armor protection but can be used with tailoring (guises cannot be tailored). Many costume items are seasonal and only available during the fall/festival season. Creatures are listed for the items that require trophy hunting rather than questing.

See also: Mask Makers


Mask Related Creature/Quest
Alchemist's Hat Bestowers' Guild of Dereth
Aphus Sun Guard Burun History
Bandana with Eyepatch Undead Sailor
Chef's Hat Bestowers' Guild of Dereth
Chicken Hat Chicken
Crimped Hat Noir Assassination Investigation
Fletcher's Cap Bestowers' Guild of Dereth
Stocking Cap Gift Box Quest
Tall Stocking Cap Gift Box Quest
Top Hat Reception Games
Undead Captain's Hat Undead Captain


Quest Masks

Mask Related Quest
Apostate Grand Director's Mask Apostate Finale
Asheron Mask Ulgrim's Casting Stein
Bandit Mask Noir Assassination Investigation
Homunculus Mask The Homunculus
Martine's Mask Gaerlan's Citadel
Mask of the Depths Tanada Temple of Black Water Quest
Nexus Crawler's Mask Nexus Crawl
Sawato Bandit's Mask Sawato Extortion
Shadow's Eye Decrepit Tower Quest
Shadow's Mind Decrepit Tower Quest
Shadow's Strike Decrepit Tower Quest
Visage of Menilesh Disturbance in the Ley Lines
Visage of the Shadow Virindi Delving into Claude's Mind

Creature Masks

Mask Related Creature
Rynthid Berserker's Mask Rynthid Berserker
Rynthid Minion of Rage's Mask Rynthid Minion of Rage
Rynthid Minion of Torment's Mask Rynthid Minion of Torment
Rynthid Sorcerer of Rage's Mask Raging Rynthid Sorcerer
Rynthid Sorcerer of Torment's Mask Rynthid Sorcerer
Rynthid Ravager's Mask Rynthid Ravager
Skull Mask Skeleton's Skull

Seasonal Creature Masks

Mask Related Creature
Armored Sclavus Mask (Black)
Armored Sclavus Mask (Gold)
Armored Sclavus Mask (Teal)
Banderling Mask
Burun Guruk Mask
Burun Ruuk Mask
Chittick Mask
Cow Mask
Doll Mask
Drudge Mask
Falatacot Abbess Mask
Giant Snowman Mask
Hollow Minion Mask
Inviso Mask
Knath Head
Maddened Fiun Mask
Mask of the Hopeslayer
Mite Mask
Moarsman Mask
Mosswart Mask
Mukkir Mask
Penguin Mask
Ruschk Mask
Scarecrow Mask
Scary Minion Mask See Hollow Minion Mask & Scarecrow Mask
Sclavus Mask
Shadow Mask
Snowman Mask
Snowman Mask with Fez
Snowman Mask with Hat
Tusker Mask
Two Headed Snowman Mask
Undead Captain Mask
Undead Sailor Mask
Ursuin Mask
Uber Penguin Mask
White Rabbit Mask
Zombie Mask

Virindi & Heritage Masks

Broken Virindi masks can be repaired by the Virindi mask repairers. Repaired masks can be worn or given to the four racial Mask Makers for a special heritage mask.

Tier Repaired Virindi Mask Related Creature Aluvian Mask Gharu'ndim Mask Sho Mask Viamontian Mask
1 Virindi Mask Icon.png Virindi Mask King's Helm Icon.png King's Helm Shadow's Garb Icon.png Shadow's Garb Ogre Mask Icon.png Ogre Mask The Red Bull Icon.png The Red Bull
2 Virindi Inquisitor's Mask Icon.png Virindi Inquisitor's Mask Pwyll's Crown Icon.png Pwyll's Crown Veil of Darkness Icon.png Veil of Darkness Koji's Beast Icon.png Koji's Beast The Boar of Cinghalle Icon.png The Boar of Cinghalle
3 Virindi Profatrix Mask Icon.png Virindi Profatrix Mask Pwyll's Guard Icon.png Pwyll's Guard Shroud of Night Icon.png Shroud of Night Koji's Fiend Icon.png Koji's Fiend The Stag of Bellenesse Icon.png The Stag of Bellenesse
4 Virindi Consul Mask Icon.png Virindi Consul Mask Alfric's Bull Icon.png Alfric's Bull The Poet's Mask Icon.png The Poet's Mask Koji's Visage Icon.png Koji's Visage The Royal Bull of Sanamar Icon.png The Royal Bull of Sanamar
5 Virindi Desecrator Mask Icon.png Virindi Desecrator Mask The Helm of the Golden Flame Icon.png The Helm of the Golden Flame Mask of the Malik Icon.png Mask of the Malik The Dragon of Power Icon.png The Dragon of Power Karlun's Visage Icon.png Karlun's Visage

Costume Pieces

Guise or Costume Piece Related Creature/Quest
Old Boot Fishing
Shadow Wings Breastplate

Seasonal Costume Pieces

Costume Piece Related Creature
Eye Patch
See also: Dual Eye Patch
Left Peg Leg
See also: Peg Legs
Pirate Hook
Right Peg Leg
See also: Peg Legs


Seasonal Guises

Guise Related Creature
Armored Skeleton Guise
Armored Undead Guise
Full Mu-miyah Guise
Ghost Guise
Gurog Guise
Mu-miyah Guise
Scarecrow Guise
Sclavus Guise
Skeletal Guise
Undead Guise
Ursuin Guise
Wooden Scarecrow Guise