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Outpost are small settlements. Typically, they have a limited range of vendors/NPCs, and those NPCs are usually generic and do not have unique names. Outposts may also include Lifestones or Portals.

Outposts lack features seen in most Towns: They do not appear on the Ingame Map, they do not have a portal to or from the Town Network, and they do not have Town Criers, Meeting Halls, or Bind Stones.

Outposts also include the 18 original nexus town starting locations. The following table excludes these arrival points.

Outpost Name LS Portals NPCs Notes 
Archmage and Peddler Yes No 2: Archmage, Peddler
Baishi Fort No No 2: Blacksmith, Merchant
Bandit Castle Outpost Yes No 2: Archmage, Bowyer
Beach House Yes No 2: Archmage, Blacksmith
Beachside Farmstead Yes No 3: Bowyer, Farmer, Peddler
Crypt of Ashen Tears No No 2: Peddler, Jeweler Dungeon outpost. Vendors have unique names.
Empyrean Ruins Yes No 2: Healer, Peddler
Farm No No 2: Farmer, Healer
Farmer Pogget's Farm No No 2: Bowyer, Farmer
Glenden Wood East Outpost Yes No 4: Archmage, Bowyer, Collector, Healer Vendors have unique names and dialog.
Glenden Wood West Outpost Yes No 5: Archmage, Armorer, Healer, Weaponsmith, Quest Vendors have unique names and dialog.
Lost Wish Lovers House No No 2: Healer, Peddler Vendors have unique names and dialog.
Merchant Tent Yes No 2: Archmage, Merchant
Mountain Retreat Yes Yes 4: Archmage, Bowyer, Collector, Merchant Hilltop Portal.
Mountain Sewer No No 3: Archmage, Peddler, Weaponsmith Dungeon outpost.
Northern Point Bunkers Yes Yes 3: Archmage, Bowyer, Healer Random portal.
Peddler Tent Yes No 2: Archmage, Peddler Lifestone a short distance away.
Peddler's Hut Yes No 2: Collector, Peddler Destroyed Portal (Plateau Village)
Roadside Vendors Yes No 4: Archmage, Farmer, Healer, Weaponsmith Vendors have unique names and dialog.
Roadside Vendors No No 3: Archmage, Healer, Merchant
Roaming Bowyer and Armorer No No 2: Armorer, Bowyer Destroyed Portal (Glenden Wood).
Southern Landbridge Tent Yes Yes 2: Archmage, Weaponsmith Random portal.
Tent No No 2: Healer, Merchant
Teth Golem Mountain No Yes 2: Peddler, Healer Beachside Portal.
Vendor Camp Yes No 2: Archmage, Healer
Vendor House Yes No 3: Archmage, Healer, Merchant
Vendor's House Yes Yes 2: Archmage, Bowyer Northwest Direlands Portal at end of canyon.
Village Yes No 2: Bowyer, Farmer