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At Character Creation, you can chose between different features for how your character will look in game. One of these is the haircut. You can then visit one of the barbers later on to make changes to your appearance for a Trade Note (250,000).

In addition to facial features and hairstyles, Empyrean characters can visit the barbers to become "earthbound" (walking instead of floating) and Undead and Shadow characters can opt to remove the head particle effects (the flaming skull or the Shadow crown).

List of Barbers

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Available Hairstyles

Most of these styles are new or textured variations of old hairstyles. For screenshots of the old styles, see Barbers and Hairstyles/Archive.


These hairstyles can all be used by the Isparian, Shadow and Empyrean type characters and by both genders. Undead have a limited number of these hairstyles available with 24 styles for female characters and 25 for male characters. Lugians do not have hair.

Male Only

Female Only

Tumerok Only

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Update History


Throne of Destiny

Shedding Skin

  • Barbers introduced.
  • 27 generic haircuts added as well as 4 female only hairstyles and 5 male only hairstyles, resulting in 43 basic hairstyles.
  • Small changes can be made to the hairline by adjusting the eyes.

Shifting Shadows

  • New textured hairstyles applied to all races/genders.
  • 31 variations on the generic existing hairstyles, 6 variations on the existing female only, 5 on the existing male only ones, and newly introducing 10 new generic, 5 new male only, and 3 new female ones.
  • Shadows got access to purple/pink hair.
  • Not all the old hair styles have been made available with a corresponding texture.
  • Slight variations to the hairlines when changing the eyes removed.

A Rising Darkness

  • 13 new hairstyles added resulting in 41 generic hairstyles, as well as 10 male only and 9 female only, resulting in a total of 51 hairstyles for males and 50 for female characters.

Plans Within Plans

Cloak of Darkness

  • Tumerok hairstyles added.