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A Player Killer (PK) is a player that has converted to one of Bael'Zharon's Chosen by using an Altar of Bael'Zharon or Eye of Darkness.

PKs are able to help and, unlike Non Player Killers, also harm, kill and loot other players who have also converted. Player killers appear as red dots on the Radar, hence the term “go red” as an expression for turning PK.

The status of player killer can be reversed or "dropped" by using a NPK Shrine such as the Altar of Asheron found in Trothyr's Rest, or Adja's Memorial located in the ruins of Ithaenc Cathedral.

Although AC does not have content that is restricted to non-player killers only, there are some dungeons and quests that can only be accessed by a player killer (see below).


  • Darktide is a PvP server. All Darktide player characters begin as player killers, and cannot change to non-player killers.
  • See the Darktide server page for links to allegiances, forums and other information.

Alternatives to Classic PK

  • Introduced in the Groundswell event, Player Killer Lite allows non-player killers to temporarily harm each other without the penalty of Vitae or dropping items on death.
  • Introduced in the From Darkness, Light event, Olthoi Play is a feature that gives players a way to jump straight into PK without the need to first acquire levels and equipment.




Player Killer Arenas



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Lore & Dialog

  • Y'leric Loredane - One of the first Isparians to escape Asheron's protections and swear allegiance to Bael'Zharon.
  • After using an Altar of Bael'Zharon:

You hear distant laughter of delight and welcome, as you join the ranks of those freed from Asheron's protective shackles by Bael'Zharon. You have become one of his Chosen, a Player Killer.


Some past live events required players to turn Player Killer to take part or complete certain objectives.

The event which led to the Hopeslayer being freed from his crystal prison. Players had to turn PK and decide whether to defend the shard or destroy it.

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