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Role-playing is the act of assuming the role of a fictional character within the game's universe. Those that role-play are called Role-Players. It is commonly abbreviated as RP.


  • Role-Playing in Dereth - Official guide provided by Turbine.
  • An Adventurer's Role-Playing Guide - Player written guide.
  • Know that role-playing is not common in Asheron's Call. Even in its earliest days, role-players have been a minority.
  • There is a global role-playing chat channel. By default, it is off. To join this channel, type /join roleplay. To speak in this channel, type /crp <message>. To leave this channel, type /leave roleplay.
  • If you wish to speak to other players as yourself and not your character, a common technique is to begin your message with OOC, which stands for out of character.